Lehigh Acres Sports Injury Treatment

Our chiropractors and therapists provide sports injury treatment for patients from all walks of life at our Lehigh Acres, FL, clinic. We provide personalized treatment and rehabilitation plans for patients hurt in falls, on-the-field collisions, overtraining, and many other types of incidents.

We offer a wide range of Lehigh Acres treatments and services for patients with musculoskeletal injuries at Specific Care Chiropractic. We can help you manage your symptoms, heal, and prevent future injuries. Call us today at (239) 369-9109 to learn more about our rehabilitation programs or to make your initial appointment with our team.

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Lehigh Acres Sports Injury Treatment Works for Many Types of Injuries

Our doctors treat many types of injuries to the musculoskeletal system as a part of our sports injury program. Sports injuries do not only happen to athletes or occur during recreational activities, even if they are the types of injuries suffered frequently in sports. They involve bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Some types of sports injuries we can effectively treat and rehabilitate include:

We help patients who come to us with a new injury, a nagging pain that has not improved, chronic pain and inflammation, or to rehabilitate following surgery for a serious injury such as a compound fracture. Our treatment and rehabilitation plans can address almost any area of the body, including:

Lehigh Acres Sports Injury Treatment

What Should You Expect During Lehigh Acres Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

When we manage a patient’s sports injury rehabilitation in Lehigh Acres, we have three goals:

  • To manage their pain, swelling, and other symptoms
  • To treat the injury and help them heal
  • To rebuild strength and flexibility, improving their daily life

We tailor each treatment plan to the injury, the patient’s abilities, and their overall goals. Our sports injury rehabilitation patients range from D1 athletes to teens and senior citizens. Whether you suffered an injury on the court, in your yard, or from a workplace fall, we can prescribe a plan to help you.

We use a range of chiropractic care, complementary therapies, and physical therapy techniques to provide a well-rounded rehabilitation program. When necessary, we can also offer counseling to address issues with sleep, nutrition, and other lifestyle choices that could have contributed to the injury. We want to manage your symptoms, heal your injury, and prevent future injuries.

How We Prescribe Lehigh Acres Sports Injury Treatment

The Specific Care Chiropractic team wants to help you heal from your current injuries and stay as healthy as possible to prevent future injuries. We believe prevention is possible for many types of injuries and illnesses, including many sports injuries.

Every new patient completes an initial intake exam with our team. During this first visit to our Lehigh Acres clinic, you can expect to spend time with several members of our team while we take a health history, conduct a physical exam, use X-rays and other medical imaging, and learn as much as possible about your injuries. We use the information we learn during your appointment to:

  • Diagnose your injuries
  • Determine your needs and set goals for you
  • Create a personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan

Often, you begin your plan the same day. We can usually start your treatment or therapies to help you manage your symptoms right away. This provides relief and ensures you receive the care you need for an acute injury or post-injury rehabilitation.

As you continue coming to see our Lehigh Acres team for care, we will assess your progress and alter your plan to stay on track. We prioritize personalized care, so we can alter your treatment plan depending on your needs.

How Does Lehigh Acres Sports Injury Rehabilitation Work?

Our doctors manage sports injury treatment and rehabilitation by prescribing a complete plan to manage, treat, and rehabilitate the patient. Our plans have four phases:

  • Acute treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strengthening
  • Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

As you work through your treatment plan, you will move from treating the injury to rebuilding your body and taking steps to prevent future injuries. When you reach MMI in your treatment plan, you will have completed your treatment plan. At this time, we will recommend a maintenance plan that helps maintain your well-being.

What Therapies Are Used to Treat Sports Injuries?

Our doctors prescribe several types of therapies as a part of sports injury treatment. This includes:

Chiropractic Care

We may use Lehigh Acres chiropractic care to address issues with the neck, back, and limbs. Chiropractic adjustments can help with chronic back pain, limited range of motion, and concerns related to misalignments of the spine.

Physical Therapy

Our physiotherapists can provide many types of therapy to patients of any ability in our Lehigh Acres clinic. This could include therapies to:

  • Strengthen affected muscles and joints
  • Regain a full range of motion
  • Help improve mobility
  • Regain balance and coordination
  • Retrain for specific activities

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are those that do not provide a direct treatment but are used alongside chiropractic care or physical therapy to help patients manage their injuries. We prescribe these therapies to aid in pain management, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing. Examples include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-STIM)
  • Infrared laser treatments
  • Ultrasound therapy

When used together, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and complementary therapies can help our team provide the treatment, care, and support you need to make a full recovery.

Discuss Your Options for Lehigh Acres Sports Injury Treatment With Our Team

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our team is available to discuss our Lehigh Acres sports injury treatment and rehabilitation programs. We can talk about how we can help you or a family member, answer questions about our payment options and insurance, and schedule your initial appointment with our doctors.

Contact us by calling (239) 369-9109 to learn more today.