Vestibular / Balance Therapy in Lehigh Acres

When a patient in Lehigh Acres reports loss of balance, dizziness, and vertigo to our team of chiropractors and physical therapists, we often prescribe vestibular / balance therapy. This type of therapy addresses issues with the vestibular labyrinth deep within the ear. Vestibular dysfunction can become serious enough to cause fall injuries, missed work, and even loss of mobility.

Along with vestibular therapy and balance retraining, our practitioners prescribe and perform a full menu of services and treatments in Lehigh Acres for our patients. We prescribe a personalized plan to address symptoms, rehabilitate injuries, and improve overall well-being. Contact us today at (239) 369-9109 to learn more and schedule your initial appointment.

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Understanding How Vestibular / Balance Therapy Works

Your vestibular labyrinth is one of the most important parts of your body when it comes to balance and coordination. You can think of this tiny labyrinth inside your ear as a gyroscope that lets your brain know how to keep you upright and maintain balance as you move. When you suffer from vestibular dysfunction, you could experience imbalance, dizziness, and vertigo, which can significantly impact your quality of life.

Your vestibular system works in conjunction with your oculomuscular system, which uses tiny muscles in your eyes and your other senses to best understand where you are in space and how you can move around safely. When there are issues with your sensory inputs, falls and injuries could result.

Patients who come to see us for vestibular and balance therapy in Lehigh Acres often do so because:

  • They are experiencing dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance
  • They received a diagnosis of vestibular dysfunction
  • They suffered brain injuries from a stroke, aneurysm, or tumor
  • They have a traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • They were hurt in a car accident
  • They have symptoms after a fall
  • They are living with symptoms related to a workplace injury

You don’t need to keep letting your daily life suffer because of your symptoms. Our team can address your balance disorder to help you feel better.

Vestibular/Balance Therapy in Lehigh Acres

What You Can Expect During Lehigh Acres Vestibular / Balance Rehabilitation

When our practitioners prescribe vestibular therapy, we often do so alongside other treatments and therapies. These will depend entirely on your symptoms and needs. We assess each patient during their first appointment and prescribe the therapies that we believe will help them recover.

The vestibular therapy itself consists of exercises and movements to help reset and retrain your vestibular labyrinth. Your therapist will guide you through these techniques and explain their use. They could prescribe additional exercises for you to do at home. During your next session with them, they will evaluate your progress and determine your next steps.

Some of our patients see results in their first session and may have some or complete symptom relief quickly. Other patients may need weeks of therapy. All patients are encouraged to continue their therapy until they complete their full rehabilitation plan.

How Our Team Manages Our Clients’ Lehigh Acres Vestibular / Balance Therapy

The Specific Care Chiropractic team does not believe in one-size-fits-all answers. We assess each patient’s needs and reassess them as they make progress with their therapies. All new patients begin with an intake exam. This exam could include:

  • A health history
  • A physical exam
  • X-rays and other medical imaging
  • Lab tests as needed
  • Baseline data and a review of current abilities

Once we have as much information about your symptoms and condition as possible, we create a rehabilitation plan for you. We use your goals and current abilities to prescribe therapies to help you recover, retrain your vestibular system, and bolster your overall well-being.

As you continue your therapies, we assess your progress. This allows us to alter your plan to ensure you are making the most progress possible.

What Happens During Lehigh Acres Vestibular / Balance Rehabilitation?

When you trust our practitioners for your rehabilitation, we will likely schedule you to come to our Lehigh Acres clinic once or twice a week. After your initial intake exam, each appointment should last about an hour. You can expect to participate in several types of therapies during each appointment. Each serves a specific purpose as part of your rehabilitation plan.

This could include:

Vestibular Exercises

Vestibular therapy involves exercises to reset your vestibular labyrinth. They involve moving your head in specific ways to retrain your internal gyroscope to recognize the inputs it receives that help you maintain balance. Our therapists guide you through these movements during therapy.

Oculomotor Exercises

Oculomotor therapy retrains the eye muscles that play a role in maintaining balance and making coordinated movements. This can be helpful if you suffered a brain injury that affected the way your brain uses this information or if the muscles themselves were affected by an illness or injury.


Physical therapy works to retrain your body’s signals and your brain’s perception of those signals. Input, such as the pressure of your feet on the ground, can play a role in maintaining balance.

Balance and Gait Retraining

Balance and gait retraining could include physical activity, such as walking or stair climbing, with support as needed. Your body needs to move to relearn how to stand and walk in a coordinated and safe way. This is especially important following a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Strength and Flexibility

Our doctors often prescribe an overall strength and flexibility program for patients following vestibular/balance therapy in Lehigh Acres. This greatly reduces the risk of a fall and the severity of injuries if a fall occurs.

We may also prescribe chiropractic care, massage, and many other therapies when necessary to address our patient’s symptoms.

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