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I love this place amazing staff and the office is amazing. Everyone is always so positive and some are funny. Whenever I went there I was relaxed instantly. I LOVE the massage chair they have. My favorite part was the cold waters and the mints they used to give for free.

-Kalmia F

I have been a patient at “Specific Care Chiropractic” for the past five years! The doctors and technicians have not only taken care of my hurting neck & back they go out of their way to make you feel special!

There are a lot of chiropractors around this country that just perform a service to adjust your bones. At Specific Care their team goes the extra mile by personalizing your experience where you feel part of their family!

Their staff will always make sure to check on your appointments. They will greet you at the front door and they understand your full history. They’re always checking up to make sure that you’re getting better every day and they have a sincere follow through in everything they do…

The doctors, medical technicians and administrative staff are seamlessly delivering the very best guest services where you always feel like you’re at the best place on the planet to get this type of care & medical service. From the diagnosis to any type of rehabilitation, there is follow through and follow up in achieving the best possible results for your personal condition!

Dr. Jeff Peck gets very involved with all of the patients while taking pride in the business he’s created and been involved with for the past 25+ years!

I highly recommend if you need any type of chiropractic care, rehabilitation, physical therapy, massage therapy, that you go to Specific Care Chiropractic. It is the best of its kind and we are so lucky to have them here in SWFL and other parts of the coast!

I have lived around the country and been involved with many different doctors of this nature but have never found the type of Ritz Carlton service that Specific Care Chiropractic provides.

It is my pleasure to give them more than five stars but it’s all I’m allowed in the survey… Go see for yourself and I’m sure you will agree that they are the best.

Respectfully Larry Stuart
CEO & President – LS Hospitality
President Cornell Hotel Society
Forbes Contributor
Author; The Spirit of Hospitality

Amazing experience, wonderful staff, and they all seem to really love their job. Some staff shout out would have to be to Ashley for waking me up through my alarms, Amanda for greeting me at the front desk, Alaina for her massages, and grabbing those spots the chair just couldn’t get. James is the man, if you need any stretches to help you through out your day out side of the chiropractor. Yani (Yaneris) is always good at keeping the conversations going! I’m honestly going to miss coming there all the time! You guys are doing amazing, and keep up the good work. All the doctors get a special shout out too, they are all super friendly, open, and easy to talk to.

Kevin Cotton

Simply the best around! Great staff and very flexible for your schedule. Highly recommend!

Jacob Reiner

I began seeing them in 2011 after a bad auto accident. They took excellent care of me then just like they are doing now. Many MD’s and a couple other Chiropractors in the area I had seen missed on X-rays from last year shown to them, the severity of my disc degeneration. I was in constant pain due to disc bulges and degeneration and found some relief from them, while MD’s offered no help other than muscle relaxers and at home exercises and a spine center referral. There was even a three month wait on the local spine center, which I did not choose to go to. I did not understand the pain until an MRI this year and seeing them go through my previous records. If you have spinal issues, I highly recommend them above anyone as a first stop. The staff and Dr.s are friendly and caring. And even without insurance they are extremely affordable. Thank you to all the staff for providing answers and some relief from my pain.

Jennifer Long
The folks here are all great. They’re friendly, courteous, and respectful. They all seem to try to do whatever they can to make your experience as pleasant as possible. They have great communication and explain what they’re doing and why. Everybody that’s there seems to honestly enjoy their job and interacting with their clients. Top notch folks there.. You wont go wrong choosing to go there.
Tony Swanson

I have used chiropractic care periodically as needed over the last thirty years. No one has done it better than Specific Care Chiropractor. They will educate you and will put together a plan to improve the Quality of life for you. I highly recommended Specific Care Chiropractor.

Richard Whiteman

I went here after my first car accident. They were so nice and kind. I loved going there. Would recommend for anyone.

Emma Fields

The Doctors the staff everyone is so nice and awesome and they really do care of your feeling better! Recommend 1,000 this place is great!

Mike Noland

I saw Brittney Peck today and she was amazing. She took the time to listen to me, answer all my questions and explain what my plan of care will be. I am finally hopeful that my problem will be fixed. I’m so grateful.

Lydia Quidera

This place is amazing they are very welcoming and understanding theyre on point and make sure your being tooken care of the right way❤

kiaralee Gonzalez

Wonderful team of Doctors. They do care and staff is incredibly friendly and professional. I love this team, thank you for making us feel better. ❤️

Monneth Workman

To Specific Care Staff, I want to thank each and every one of you for going the extra mile for me, Jessi you are good at your job making appointment and informing client’s, Dr. Riviera thank you for making me feel comfortable talking to you and listening to me. Thanks a lot guys.

Sandra Holness

Staff and doctors are just amazing! They make you feel right at home. They truly care about your health and well-being. 💓


I love this place they made me feel so comfortable from the start of my treatment all the way to the end of it the Dr.’s were great and the staff is amazing always warm and inviting atmosphere will definitely come back if I have any other chiropractor needs.

Lanore Brown

This place is awesome very clean place friendly staff the Dr.’s were great to work with from start to finish I would recommend them to everyone for your chiropractic care.

Jerald Brown

The staff, trainers, and Doctors are awesome. They make sure you’re comfortable before starting their procedures. They are a very caring facility. If you have any questions, they will answer immediately and if the person can’t, he/she will find the right person to assist you. They are the BEST!

Patricia Smith

I had such an awesome experience with care chiropractor, there the best, you won’t be disappointed.

Gail B. Boss

Went in for my first chiropractic visit. The office staff is wonderful. Specifically we met Jackie, Jessie, Melinda, and Angela. (I’m pretty sure I have all of the names right.) They explain everything, check in with you often, go through all the paperwork, are very patient and professional, and they even walked my paperwork and a cold water to me in the waiting room so that I didn’t have to get up again, since I was in pain. I saw Dr. Sellars. He was very thorough, explained everything, was very friendly. They got me in for an appointment same day, and my second appointment (for my first adjustment) is tomorrow. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ashley Peabody

Great doctors and staff. They take the time to listen and answer questions. The office staff is also amazing, very friendly and accomodating.

Brandy Reale

Very nice atmosphere and the people are very friendly.

Alexia Tatum.

Always the best service. I have seen a few chiropractors in my time but these folks are the best.
The Phillips

They knew exactly where I was hurting. Although I’ll never be 100% after my car accident, I do feel much better after getting the treatments I needed!

Mark Snyder

The Doctor’s and staff are amazing I recommend them too everyone.

They r amazing i would recommend to everyone never been to a place that will go out of there way to make u feel comfortable and help u understand your injury the way Dr.Peck and the rest of the staff does…. thanx for everything specific care chiropractic

Nic Gardiner

Friendly staff. Took my son in and Dr. Peck helped fix his back pain. Highly recommend him to everyone.
Jeremy Barnett

They are very nice there and caring

Kim Harp

Specific Care Chiropractic