Lehigh Acres Physiotherapy Services

Are you coping with pain from injuries and looking for a non-invasive solution that doesn’t involve medication? Physiotherapy uses non-surgical treatments to help injuries heal better and manage pain. Research shows physiotherapy works well integrated with care for many acute and chronic injury types.

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our physiotherapists in Lehigh Acres customize a plan to meet each patient’s unique needs. While commonly used after orthopedic and neurological issues, physiotherapy offers long-term benefits too.

Guided by clinical experience on the body’s interconnected systems, today’s physiotherapists improve quality of life in lasting ways. We partner with patients in addressing the whole body, beyond just isolated injury sites.

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Physiotherapy Can Be Used as a Treatment for Several Injury Types

Are you wondering if physiotherapy is right for you? Here is a list of some common injury types that can benefit from physiotherapy treatment:

  • Sprains and strains: Physiotherapy helps restore range of motion and strength.
  • Neck injuries and whiplash: Targeted physiotherapy restores the range of motion and prevents chronic pain by realigning damaged vertebrae.
  • Fractures: Physiotherapy facilitates recovery through controlled, gradual mobilization and rehabilitation exercises.
  • Dislocations and tears: Treatment addresses pain while working to heal damaged tissues.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Physiotherapy alleviates pain and prevents additional injury by improving ergonomics.
  • Osteoarthritis: Treatment aims to support joint health and maintain optimal mobility.
  • Neurological injuries like spinal cord trauma: Physiotherapy remedies impairment, re-establishing motor control.
  • Post-surgical recovery: Methods control swelling and increase mobility to smoothly progress rehabilitation.
  • Cardiovascular conditions: Therapeutic exercise improves overall health across various systems.

With medical knowledge of the body’s interconnected systems and healing processes, physiotherapists create customized, progressive treatment plans addressing each patient’s unique injury challenges.

Lehigh Acres Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services We Offer in Lehigh Acres

The following physiotherapy treatments we offer in Lehigh Acres can help restore your movement and function:

Corrective Care

At each visit, our chiropractors check to see how your body and injury are responding to care. They may perform precise techniques called “spinal manipulation.” These help shift vertebrae in your spine back into proper placement. But as the body mends, the vertebrae bones can slip again, causing renewed pain.

“Corrective care” means additional treatments to fix those setbacks. It also addresses any other underlying problems contributing to symptoms.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-STIM) Therapy

Electric muscle stimulation therapy helps heal damaged muscles causing spasms, chronic pain, and swelling. With E-STIM therapy, a special device sends electrical pulses into injured muscle areas. This stimulates and speeds up the body’s natural repair of these tissues.

Studies show this therapy can effectively treat many sports injury cases. It works by giving muscles a controlled “workout.” This gently retrains them to regain normal strength and function after strains, partial tears, or impact trauma.

Massage Therapy

Our physical therapists also offer massage therapy for pain and tension in muscles and joints in Lehigh Acres. Our licensed therapists do hands-on techniques that reduce muscle stiffness and soreness between rehab stages.

Massage gently releases areas that feel tight or uncomfortable as the body mends. The improved blood flow and relaxation also speed up healing.

Different massage styles help different problems:

  • Swedish massage loosens tighter spots.
  • Deep tissue massage reaches deeper layers of tissue and knots.
  • Trigger point therapy concentrates on little tight knots.

We carefully coordinate massage sessions to support each patient’s chiropractic care and recovery plan. The therapies work together to help you properly and completely heal after injury.

Rehabilitative Therapy

Our physical therapists offer different rehab exercise therapies to rebuild strength, balance, and physical ability after injury. Patients practice techniques using special tools like:

  • Vibration Plates – These gently shake muscles to stimulate healing responses.
  • Gym Equipment – Weights and resistance bands safely rebuild damaged tissues.
  • Exercise Balls – These balls help stretch out tension and pain in the back.

The key is carefully selected movements to guide each body area through proper healing phases. The activities get tougher and advance functionality over time.

Stretching and Strengthening Exercise Therapy

We often use targeted physical therapy exercises to help rebuild muscle strength and range of motion after injuries. Our physicians teach patients specific exercises to practice during therapy visits and at home to improve healing.

For lower back pain recovery, we may instruct patients on beneficial stretches like:

  • Supine hamstring stretch – Lie on your back with your legs straight and gently stretch
  • Knee-to-chest – Pull your knees gently inward toward your chest

For hand and wrist issues like carpal tunnel, we often recommend careful stretches like:

  • Wrist flexor stretch – Gently bend your wrist downward and hold
  • Finger stretch – One at a time, gently pull your fingers back and hold

These exercises use the ideal movements specially chosen as each body area progresses through phases of injury healing. Our team selects therapy exercises based on exactly how every patient’s unique damage is recovering. Focused exercises restore strength and flexibility.

Ultrasound Therapy

We also use ultrasound therapy to help heal damaged soft tissues like strained muscles. Our physicians use an ultrasound machine that sends deep sound vibrations into hurt areas. These focused sound waves encourage natural regeneration and healthy regrowth of injured tissues. The vibrations promote increased blood flow and activate repairing processes.

Over time, this allows patients to regain full mobility and function as damaged muscle areas properly heal. Focused ultrasound therapy effectively fixes deep-tissue trauma non-surgically. It gently guides each unique injured area toward complete restoration. It brings lasting pain relief and strength recovery.

Physiotherapy Provides Benefits to Patients That Help Them Through Their Recovery

The wide range of benefits physiotherapy provides include:

  • Avoid surgery: Non-invasive therapy allows for the healing of many moderate injuries without needing an operation.
  • Regain mobility at your own pace: Therapies help gradually rebuild strength and flexibility during the recovery timeline.
  • Assists patients with conditions impacting movement: Techniques aid those struggling with paralysis, strokes, and other issues to improve independence.
  • Alternative to pain medications: Massage, stimulation therapy, and more address discomfort without risks of addiction and side effects.
  • Long-lasting results: Strategically stretching and strengthening muscles ensures complete correction that sticks long-term.

Our physicians use a range of therapies to equip injury victims with the tools and care needed to fully mend musculoskeletal damage on an individualized timeline.

Call Specific Care Chiropractic to Schedule Your Physiotherapy Appointment

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we combine chiropractic care with physiotherapy for many patients in Lehigh Acres. The two therapies work together well, allowing us to create an individualized plan with your goals in mind. Adjustments get bones aligned while exercises strengthen injured muscles. This internal and external support guides the body to heal properly.

If you got hurt, ask about adding physiotherapy to your chiropractic treatment plan. Rebuilding weak areas while aligning your frame aids in complete recovery. Call us at (239) 369-9109 or contact us online to schedule your first physiotherapy evaluation.