Mechanical Traction Therapy in Lehigh Acres

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our practitioners prescribe and perform mechanical traction to address several back and neck concerns. We generally use mechanical traction as a part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that helps our patients heal, build strength, and prevent future injuries.

We prescribe a wide range of evidence-based Lehigh Acres therapies for many different musculoskeletal symptoms, including both acute and chronic injuries. Contact our team at (239) 369-9109 today to learn more about how we can help you stop the pain and return to your favorite activities.

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Our Team Performs Lehigh Acres Mechanical Traction Therapy for Patients

Spinal decompression is one of the most well-known chiropractic therapies, and this is what traction seeks to accomplish. The goal is to put pressure on certain parts of the spine and move them in specific ways to alleviate pressure. This helps to ease pain, allow injuries to heal, and reduce other symptoms such as spasms.

Some conditions that might benefit from traction decompression therapy include:

When our physical therapists or chiropractors perform mechanical traction, they use special tables or other tools that help them stretch the necessary area of the spine. Manual traction is also possible. This occurs when the therapist uses their hands to perform the adjustment and apply the pressure. This is more common in cervical adjustments, although mechanical traction can be used on the neck or lower in the back.

Our Doctors Prescribe Lehigh Acres Mechanical Traction Rehabilitation to Address the Root of Your Symptoms

Mechanical Traction Therapy in Lehigh Acres

When a patient comes to us reporting chronic back pain, a recent injury, muscle spasms, or other symptoms, we aim to create a plan that manages their pain, treats the issue, and helps them prevent future injuries.

We understand how difficult it can be to live with a back or neck injury and how it can affect all aspects of your life. Significant back pain can cause you to miss work, lose mobility, and not be able to provide the care and support you want for yourself or your family. Our team assesses your condition, prescribes treatments, helps you find relief, and hopes you leave our care healthier than before your injury.

This often includes mechanical traction and other chiropractic adjustments, stretches and other physiotherapy exercises to rebuild strength and flexibility, and therapies to address your pain and help your body heal.

We Offer Lehigh Acres Mechanical Traction Therapy as a Part of a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

When you initially meet with our Specific Care Chiropractic team, we will want to learn as much as possible about your injury, symptoms, activities, and limitations.

All new patients at our Lehigh Acres clinic begin with a thorough intake examination. We take a health history, examine your injuries, discuss your symptoms and goals, and perform any necessary diagnostic exams. This often includes X-rays or other imaging so we can better understand the problem we need to address as well as identify any potential contraindications.

Our intake exam provides us with the information we need to design a treatment plan that aims to:

  • Help you manage pain
  • Reduce your symptoms
  • Address the root cause of the problem
  • Help you regain functionality and stability
  • Rebuild strength and flexibility
  • Reduce the risk of future injuries

We often begin treatment, including mechanical traction, on the same day as the intake examination. Many people experience some relief with the first appointment but will need to complete the program to get the full benefit.

As you progress through your treatment plan, your doctor and therapists will continually assess your needs, and we alter the plan to ensure continued progress. This could include modifying exercises to fit your abilities, increasing repetitions as you get stronger, recommending lifestyle changes to aid your recovery, or even prescribing new therapies to address issues that arise.

Understanding How Lehigh Acres Mechanical Traction Rehabilitation Works

Most clients who receive mechanical traction for injuries or inflammation in our office come to us complaining of either neck pain or lower back pain. Depending on their needs, we provide mechanical traction in one of two ways:

  • Cervical Traction: We use special techniques and tools to gently stretch the head away from the neck in specific and effective ways. Only well-trained and experienced practitioners perform decompression of the neck in this manner.
  • Lumbar Traction: We use a special table to gently force the pelvis down from the lumbar spine, adding space between the vertebrae in the area. This decompresses them, helping to alleviate any pressure on nerves or soft tissues.

For many, getting pain relief without taking narcotic pain relievers or contraindicated drugs is a priority. Debilitating pain is often the reason that brought them to our office in the first place. We offer a number of evidence-based and effective therapies to reduce pain, stop muscle spasms, relax the soft tissues, and potentially speed healing. We can prescribe these for you or discuss your needs and options during your intake exam. They could include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-STIM)
  • Ultrasound therapy

Along with mechanical traction, we also provide a wide range of other treatments and adjustments to relieve your pain and help you improve your overall well-being. All of our treatment and rehabilitation plans include physical therapy to build strength and flexibility, reducing the risk of future injuries.

Ask Our Team About Lehigh Acres Mechanical Traction Therapy Today

Specific Care Chiropractic is accepting new patients for treatment in Lehigh Acres, FL, today. We can develop a customized plan based on your injuries and symptoms, working to relieve your pain and address the problem from its origin. This could include manual or mechanical traction or other chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, pain relieving therapies, and more.

Contact us today by calling (239) 369-9109. We can set your initial intake exam and send you a new patient packet to complete.