Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation Services in Lehigh Acres

Your vertebral column houses critical nervous system structures that allow you to walk, talk, and just live your life. Yet, after suffering trauma to the spinal cord, even day-to-day tasks may seem like a strain. Fortunately, it’s possible to correct many conditions with spinal mobilization and manipulation services.

If you are plagued by back pain that affects your quality of life, you may find relief with Specific Care Chiropractic. Since 1994, we’ve helped countless patients reach maximum medical improvement. Now, it’s your turn to reap the benefits of our treatments and services in Lehigh Acres.

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Spinal Manipulation Could Alleviate Your Symptoms

Spinal manipulation involves applying controlled force to a restricted spinal joint. The goal is to increase the joint’s range of motion by adjusting the alignment of the vertebrae.

During a spinal manipulation session, your chiropractor will first identify your condition’s root cause. This may include running imaging scans and palpitating the affected area. Then, once we’ve identified the problem area, we apply localized force either manually or by using an adjusting instrument.

This dynamic maneuver resets joint position in a painless manner. It aims to increase mobility, stimulate healing nutrient transport, and decrease localized inflammation. We’re confident that from the moment you entrust us with your health, you’ll get relief from pain and discomfort.

Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation Services in Lehigh Acres

You Could Benefit From the Spinal Mobilization Our Lehigh Acres Team Offers

Spinal mobilization is a form of manual therapy chiropractors use to restore joint mobility. This method involves gentle rocking motions rather than high-velocity thrusts. The technique involves gently guiding the spine through various ranges of movement.

During spinal mobilization, your chiropractor will assess where spinal stiffness or hypomobility exists by having you repeatedly flex and extend. Then, they apply pressure to the involved vertebrae.

This gradual stretch helps separate joint surfaces, tug on adhesions, and desensitize pain receptors. Over a series of mobilization sessions, you may experience progressively easier spinal movements, reduced inflammation, and muscle relaxation as your joints glide smoothly instead of sticking.

Who Does Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation Help?

Spinal mobilization and manipulation techniques have proven helpful for a wide array of patients coping with back pain, neurological symptoms, restrictions in movement, and posture problems. We may recommend these methods for:

  • Chronic low back pain sufferers with degeneration or a prior injury contributing to painful stiffening between vertebrae. Gentle pumping traction works to slowly extend tightened areas over time.
  • Post-surgical cases involving lumbar or cervical fusions. Patients here could benefit from targeted manipulation at levels above and below surgical sites to prevent adjacent breakdown.
  • Elderly patients with osteoporotic compression changes impairing mobility that can be counteracted with careful loosening methods.
  • Young athletes requiring segment-specific manipulation to correct sudden subluxations following sports-related collisions or mishaps without extensive downtime.
  • Pregnant and postpartum women contending with achy loosening of pelvic ligaments helped through external mobilization.
  • Migraine/headache patients who achieve headache reduction from upper cervical manipulation’s effects on nervous system signaling of pain.

With tailored force applications and directions, spinal mobilization and manipulation offer relief to many who are plagued by spine health issues. Specific Care Chiropractic is ready to help you make an appointment at your earliest convenience. To connect with our healthcare team serving Lehigh Acres, dial (239) 369-9109.

The Benefits of Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation

Through a customized treatment plan that incorporates both spinal mobilization and spinal manipulation, you could benefit from:

  • Increased joint mobility: Both techniques aim to restore normal vertebral movement, poor posture, and gradual decline.
  • Decreased inflammation: Promoting blood flow in the affected area could promote your body’s healing response from within. Reduced swelling could improve your discomfort and quality of life.
  • Pain relief: Manipulation and mobilization interrupt pain signals and desensitize nerve fibers. You may find yourself relying less and less on medications with our customized plan.
  • Muscle relaxation: Rapid stretches with manipulation “resets” muscle tension. Within a few sessions, you could increase your range of motion and return to your normal activities.
  • Postural improvements: Improving how you sit and stand could prevent future injuries from happening.
  • Psychological benefits: You’re not yourself while in pain. Reaching maximum medical improvement could combat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Being free of these symptoms can allow you to spend time with your family or advance your career.

A healthy musculoskeletal system relies on bones, muscles, and joints that work together in harmony. We’re confident that with Specific Care Chiropractic, you can achieve your health goals and get a fresh start.

What Should I Do After Suffering a Spinal Cord Injury?

Seeking medical attention should be at the forefront of your mind while suffering from spinal cord trauma. Specific Care Chiropractic offers appointment slots that pose little interruption to your daily activities. You could get treatment from our team and return to work the same day.

We also suggest some lifestyle changes that could help your body heal from within. For instance, if you smoke cigarettes, we can offer the resources you need to quit. Smoking deprives your body of oxygen and slows down the natural healing process.

We may also suggest limiting your caloric intake, which may include changing to a protein-heavy diet and refraining from alcohol consumption. Losing weight puts less stress on your body’s frame, letting you return to your quality of life and rebuild muscle strength.

Get Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation Services in Lehigh Acres

If pain, stiffness, reduced mobility, or fatigue prevent you from going about your daily activities, consider seeking our tailored spinal mobilization and manipulation services in Lehigh Acres.

The chiropractic team at Specific Care Chiropractic utilizes manual therapy techniques customized to realign your vertebral joints, gently stretch connective tissues, and relieve nerve impingements.

Call (239) 369-9109 to schedule a consultation and get on the path to living free of pain or discomfort. Our holistic therapies target your condition at the source.