Oculomotor Exercises Therapy in Lehigh Acres

Our practitioners prescribe and perform oculomotor exercises therapy at our Lehigh Acres, FL, location. Oculomotor exercises treat dysfunction with certain eye muscles. Tracking with these muscles helps with balance and coordination, while poor tracking can lead to dizziness, vertigo, and loss of mobility.

Our Lehigh Acres chiropractic and physiotherapy services provide treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. At Specific Care Chiropractic, we offer therapy and comprehensive rehabilitation programs for patients, helping them get well and prevent future injuries. We can get started with your treatment plan after you make your appointment. Call (239) 369-9109 to set up your first visit with our team.

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What Is Oculomotor Exercises Therapy?

Oculomotor exercise is a type of physiotherapy that addresses specific muscles that control eye movement. Many people do not realize the crucial role their eyes play in maintaining balance and coordinated movement. When the eyes do not move properly and track the body’s movement within a space, it can cause dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, and loss of mobility.

Even in minor cases, issues with these muscles can lead to uncontrolled head movements, headache, eye strain, and reduced depth perception. Sometimes, people suffer with these symptoms for months before we diagnose the cause and prescribe treatment. Oculomotor exercises can address all these symptoms, as well as balance and vertigo, which causes serious limitations for some people.

We often prescribe oculomotor exercises alongside vestibular rehabilitation therapy in Lehigh Acres. Both oculomotor and vestibular dysfunction cause dizziness and vertigo, and there are no contraindications to provide both therapies when the patient reports these symptoms.

Oculomotor Exercises Therapy in Lehigh Acres

What Should You Expect During Lehigh Acres Oculomotor Exercises Rehabilitation?

Oculomotor exercises and rehabilitation work similarly to other physical therapy plans. You will learn exercises in the office and do them as prescribed at home, then return to the office for a reassessment. Depending on your progress, you will either learn additional exercises, repeat the previous exercises, or graduate from therapy.

In the case of oculomotor exercise therapy, the exercises we prescribe will relate to eye movement. You might also receive additional therapies while at our Lehigh Acres office. We prescribe a complete plan to address your symptoms. For example, if you report loss of balance and dizziness, your treatment plan may include:

  • Balance retraining
  • Vestibular exercises
  • Stretching and strengthening to prevent falls and improve stability

We want every patient to leave our care stronger than they were before they developed oculomotor dysfunction and their symptoms began. We can also prescribe chiropractic care for related symptoms or complementary therapies for pain management if your headaches are serious.

How Our Team Prescribes Lehigh Acres Oculomotor Exercises Therapy Plans

The Specific Care Chiropractic team prescribes comprehensive rehabilitation programs for patients who report oculomotor dysfunction with symptoms such as dizziness, loss of balance, and vertigo. Each patient begins with an initial intake exam. By taking a comprehensive look at their symptoms, health, history, and concerns, we can ensure we address their needs. Your intake exam could include:

  • Taking a health history
  • A physical exam
  • Lab tests as needed
  • Medical imaging, such as X-rays
  • Asking the patient to participate in certain activities to document symptoms and set a baseline

We Create a Personalized Approach to Treatment for Patients in Lehigh Acres

Your intake exam allows us to diagnose you and determine the best treatment approach based on your symptoms. It is during this exam that we will diagnose oculomotor dysfunction, vestibular dysfunction, and other related issues. Using the information we uncover, our Lehigh Acres doctors will create a personalized approach for you.

This plan will likely include several therapies and treatments. As the patient continues through their rehabilitation plan, our practitioners will assess and reassess their progress. As you progress, we may adjust your approach to treatment to better suit your needs.

Our goal is for our patients to leave our care healthier than they were before they began showing symptoms of oculomotor dysfunction. This could allow them to avoid future injuries by making them less likely to have symptom relapse or to fall and suffer injuries if they do experience symptoms.

When Do We Prescribe Lehigh Acres Oculomotor Exercises Rehabilitation?

When a patient comes to us with symptoms of oculomotor dysfunction, they are often frustrated and participate in a limited number of activities because of their severe imbalance. Dizziness and vertigo can severely affect a person’s mobility and independence. This is especially true for those who may have other risk factors for falls, including seniors and stroke survivors.

Because the symptoms can be disabling, oculomotor exercise therapy and the other treatments we prescribe for these symptoms are often life-altering for our patients with serious balance concerns.

We prescribe Lehigh Acres oculomotor exercise rehabilitation plans for patients who have imbalance, dizziness, vertigo, and other symptoms following:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Concussion
  • Stroke
  • Other damage to the cranial nerve
  • Other health concerns that affect eye function

How Oculomotor Exercises Therapy Can Help Patients in Lehigh Acres

Depending on their unique needs, our doctors sometimes prescribe both oculomotor exercises and vestibular dysfunction therapy for some patients. This is usually a part of a larger rehabilitation plan that addresses their symptoms in several ways. The goals include:

  • To improve their balance and help them regain mobility
  • To manage, reduce, or eliminate other symptoms
  • To help prevent future occurrences
  • To prevent injuries if a fall occurs
  • To improve overall well-being

To this end, our doctors use a range of therapies and treatments for patients who come to us with oculomotor concerns. Each plan is individualized based on that patient’s unique needs. Some of the most common therapies we prescribe as a part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan include:

  • Oculomotor exercise therapy
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Balance rehabilitation
  • Corrective care
  • Massage therapy
  • Stretching and strengthening therapy

Contact Us About Lehigh Acres Oculomotor Exercises Therapy

Specific Care Chiropractic is accepting new patients in Lehigh Acres for oculomotor exercises and rehabilitation. If you suffer from dizziness, imbalance, and vertigo, and other common symptoms of eye dysfunction, we may be able to help you. We can send you information for new patients and answer any questions you have about our oculomotor exercise therapy at our Lehigh Acres location.

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