Kinesio Taping Therapy in Lehigh Acres

Our Lehigh Acres team uses Kinesio taping as a part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program to help patients recover from musculoskeletal injuries. Kinesio taping can provide several benefits to patients while we guide them through other therapies to treat and rehabilitate their injury, rebuild strength, and increase flexibility.

The Lehigh Acres treatments and services we provide at Specific Care Chiropractic include a wide range of therapies for pain for almost any musculoskeletal injury. We offer personalized treatment plans using chiropractic and physiotherapy exercises. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our team today.

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How Does Lehigh Acres Soft Kinesio Taping Therapy Work?

There are several differences between Kinesio tape and traditional athletic tape. While traditional taping provides some benefits, there are numerous drawbacks, including limiting movement and range of motion in the taped joint. Kinesio tape is made of flexible cotton and nylon, allowing full movement, and often lasting several days.

Kinesio tape adheres to the skin with a medical-grade adhesive that prevents any slipping, gapping, or other issues you might experience with traditional athletic tape. At the same time, it provides the necessary compression and support athletes want from traditional taping.

  • It can also help increase blood flow to the taped area
  • Prevent injuries
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Help support already injured body parts during healing

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our practitioners know how to apply Kinesio tape for a wide range of injuries and issues. We often use taping during physiotherapy treatment and as our patients recover. We aim to rebuild strength and heal injuries so our patients no longer need Kinesio tape during activities.

We provide Kinesio taping therapy to many patients, including young athletes, elite athletes, and seniors who suffer fall injuries. There are a few contraindications for this type of therapy, so we will ensure you are a good candidate before we prescribe taping.

How We Apply Lehigh Acres Kinesio Tape for Rehabilitation

Kinesio Taping Therapy in Lehigh Acres

Our trained physical therapists know how to apply Kinesio tape depending on each patient’s needs. We can prescribe certain application techniques to provide support, increase blood flow, or achieve other goals. While we often teach patients to reapply tape on their own, it often lasts up to five days, and many return to have it reapplied as necessary.

There are some tips and tricks we can share with patients that make using this tape, including applying and removing it, easier. We will ensure you know how to use the tape strips and feel comfortable doing so if we prescribe this therapy as part of your rehabilitation.

Generally, we prescribe Kinesio taping for temporary use while patients heal and rebuild strength. However, we sometimes recommend it for ongoing support during certain activities. The ongoing use of Kinesio tape has become popular among elite athletes from the NCAA to pro sports and beyond.

Lehigh Acres Soft Kinesio Taping Therapy as a Part of Your Treatment Program

The Specific Care Chiropractic team prescribes personalized physical rehabilitation plans for every patient. During each patient’s initial intake examination, we analyze their injury and assess their current condition. Our rehabilitation programs not only treat the injury but aim to have them leave our care stronger and healthier than before their injuries occurred.

During the initial exam, we may take X-rays and other medical imaging, take a health history, conduct a physical exam, and take other steps to better understand your needs. Then, our doctor will prescribe a well-rounded program that could include physiotherapy techniques, chiropractic adjustments, and complementary therapies that address symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

As you continue with your therapies, our team will continually assess and reassess your progress and needs. We alter your plan to ensure you achieve maximum results during your rehabilitation treatment plan.

When Do We Prescribe Lehigh Acres Kinesio Taping for Rehabilitation?

Kinesio taping is most commonly used as a complementary therapy to provide benefits and support during the initial stages of rehabilitation. However, we also use it as a central part of the treatment for some injuries. This includes patellofemoral stress syndrome, IT band friction syndrome, and Achilles tendonitis.

Other times we might prescribe Kinesio taping during the rehabilitation of injuries include:

  • To reduce pain and inflammation
  • To provide support during exercises while building strength
  • To increase blood flow and encourage healing
  • For those with brain injuries who need assistance retraining muscles
  • To help ensure proper gait when necessary during therapy

Each of these uses requires specific taping techniques. In addition, there are numerous options for types of Kinesio tape. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Our therapists can ensure we use the best option based on your needs.

There are also contraindications for Kinesio taping therapy. This tape, with its medical-grade adhesive, is not a good choice for some patients. This includes:

  • Those who recently underwent surgery and have open wounds
  • Those at an increased risk of blood clots or deep vein thrombosis
  • Cancer patients since it increases blood flow to the area, including tumors
  • Patients with diabetes or neuropathy
  • Those with sensitive skin who are allergic to many types of adhesives, although there are sensitive skin adhesives available
  • Anyone with thin, fragile skin

Because of these contraindications, it is often difficult to use Kinesio tape on some senior citizens or those with significant health concerns. In these cases, our practitioners can prescribe other options to achieve similar results. For example, massage therapy might increase blood flow and encourage healing when Kinesio taping is contraindicated because of neuropathy.

Discuss Lehigh Acres Soft Kinesio Taping Therapy With Our Team Today

Specific Care Chiropractic provides a wide range of chiropractic and physical therapies for almost any musculoskeletal injury suffered in an accident, fall, sports injury, or other incident. We are accepting new patients and scheduling initial intake examinations today.

If you have questions about using Kinesio tape or want to learn more about this type of therapy, our team is here for you. Contact us online or by calling (239) 369-9109 to get started.