Corrective Care Therapy in Fort Myers

While our practitioners help patients get relief from pain, inflammation, and other symptoms, our primary focus is corrective care therapy. We go beyond treating symptoms and address their root cause.

When you work with the doctors at Specific Care Chiropractic, we provide Fort Myers treatments and services to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate your condition. We also provide pain management to address your debilitating symptoms while we address their cause.

Learn more during your initial intake examination at our Fort Myers clinic. Call (239) 369-9109 to get started.

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Understanding Fort Myers Corrective Care Therapy

Corrective Care Therapy in Fort Myers

Our chiropractors believe that symptom relief is not enough. We provide corrective chiropractic care to address the causes of those symptoms and prevent reinjury through therapy and rehabilitation.

We take the necessary steps to accurately diagnose every patient we see. We want to ensure they do not have to come to see us again and again with the same concern. To ensure an accurate and complete diagnosis, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive health history
  • A physical exam
  • Medical imaging scans, such as x-rays
  • Other lab tests
  • Discussions about your symptoms, activities, and goals

Once our doctor diagnoses your condition, they will develop a personalized plan, including specific chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy techniques. Each plan is unique to the patient, their diagnosis, and goals.

Our focus on physiotherapy and chiropractic care allows us to prescribe a well-rounded, comprehensive plan that treats your conditions, addresses symptoms, and reduces the risk of future injuries. We aim to improve each patient’s overall health and wellness, building strength and flexibility while we rehabilitate their injuries.

Why Choose Fort Myers Corrective Care Rehabilitation for Your Injuries

Corrective care rehabilitation provides a solution to acute and chronic injuries and nagging symptoms. You do not have to struggle with the same issues for the rest of your life. Instead, our corrective care chiropractic team treats the injury or condition as a part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan tailored to your needs.

We use corrective care therapy in our Fort Myers, FL, clinic to address a wide range of medical conditions. Without first diagnosing the cause of your symptoms, it is impossible to outline the adjustments, techniques, therapies, and services you might receive. Yet, you could benefit from:

  • Non-pharmaceutical therapies for pain management
  • Relief care chiropractic adjustments to relieve symptoms temporarily
  • Corrective care adjustments and techniques to treat the diagnosed condition
  • Physical therapy to rebuild strength and flexibility
  • Other therapies to rehabilitate the body and prevent reinjury
  • Other counseling and support to address related issues, such as nutritional counseling or sleep therapy

Relief care chiropractic adjustments, often the only care offered by chiropractors, provide temporary pain relief but do nothing to address the cause. Our doctors prefer a long-term solution for our patients. Call (239) 369-9109 to learn more.

Get Help From Our Fort Myers Corrective Care Therapy Team

The Specific Care Chiropractic team at our Fort Myers clinic can help you get rid of that nagging pain and limited range of motion once and for all. When we see a patient, we aim to not only temporarily manage their symptoms but effectively treat their condition. This approach begins during the initial intake examination for new patients.

Each patient receives a plan designed for corrective care therapy and rehabilitation. It is important to know that corrective care is not a quick fix. Those used to seeing a chiropractor who provides relief care may expect to only need a visit or two. Corrective care rehabilitation could take weeks or months.

Many plans include complementary therapies and relief care to relieve pain and inflammation. This makes enduring other care and services focused on addressing the injury easier. As the patient progresses, they will likely require less symptom management. Here, physical therapy may become the focus.

Each time a patient comes to see us, we assess their progress. We may periodically alter their treatment plan to ensure they are meeting their goals and continue to progress satisfactorily.

When Our Chiropractors Prescribe Fort Myers Corrective Care Rehabilitation

Corrective care rehabilitation is effective at addressing a wide range of symptoms and the conditions that cause them. We know how to identify, treat, and rehabilitate acute and chronic injuries.

Often, patients come to us complaining of symptoms—lower back pain, chronic headaches, limited range of motion, neck pain, joint pain, inflammation—without knowing the cause. Our Fort Myers physicians rely on imaging scans, the results of the initial intake exam, and your medical records to develop an effective, comprehensive plan.

Some of the most common injuries we address using corrective care therapy in our Fort Myers clinic include:

When patients come to us after an auto accident, sports injury, on-the-job accident, or other type of incident, we want to help them return to their previous activities pain-free. For those with chronic injuries, we do not want them to continue managing symptoms. Instead, our doctors provide a path to rehabilitation.

We Keep Your Needs at the Forefront of Our Mission

Let us heal your injuries, rebuild your strength, recover your flexibility, and help you reach your goals. You do not have to limit your activities because of pain or an injury. We can help you get your life back—for good.

Since we know that poor muscle strength and limited range of motion are common contributors to reinjury or new injuries, we want every patient to leave our care stronger and healthier than before they were hurt. We will provide a personalized plan.

Discuss Fort Myers Your Corrective Care Therapy Options With Our Team Today

Specific Care Chiropractic treats a wide range of medical conditions and musculoskeletal conditions that cause pain, inflammation, immobility, and other symptoms. We strive to identify and address the underlying cause of your condition, offering a long-term solution. Talk to our team to learn if Fort Myers corrective care therapy is right for you.

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