Cervical Traction Adjustments in Fort Myers

Our doctors and therapists can help patients with pain, limited range of motion, inflammation, and other symptoms to help them find lasting relief with cervical traction adjustments in Fort Myers. We provide these adjustments alongside other treatments and therapies as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, allowing you to return to your usual physical activities and daily life without pain.

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our chiropractors provide Fort Myers treatments and services to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate your neck and upper back injuries. Contact our clinic today at (239) 369-9109 to make your initial intake appointment.

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Understanding the Purpose of Fort Myers Cervical Traction Adjustments

When patients come to our Fort Myers location with symptoms or injuries in their neck and upper back, we might prescribe cervical traction adjustments as a part of their care plan. Cervical traction manipulation uses specific techniques to pull the head away from the body, allowing the cervical vertebrae in the neck to spread apart. Like other chiropractic adjustments, this effectively stops nerve root compression, alleviating many symptoms and allowing the body to heal.

For some patients, this could prevent the need for surgery or other invasive procedures and prevent them from relying on painkillers to manage their symptoms. For some, relief comes quickly, and the underlying cause responds positively to the personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan.

There are a few types of cervical traction, and the one our chiropractor uses for your treatment will depend on your unique needs. When we apply manual cervical traction adjustments, we manipulate your head and neck by using our hands. Some use another tool or device to aid in the adjustment, though.

How Our Fort Myers Practice Prescribes Cervical Traction Rehabilitation

Cervical Traction Adjustments in Fort Myers

Each patient who visits our Fort Myers clinic receives a thorough assessment and a personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan to address their symptoms and injuries. All plans typically include both chiropractic care and physiotherapy. When appropriate, our doctor will prescribe cervical traction adjustments to relieve symptoms and provide effective long-term treatment for the underlying issue.

By using comprehensive, personalized care plans for every patient, we can not only help manage current symptoms and treat the injury but also prevent re-injury. We aim to ensure all patients leave our care healthier and stronger than before their symptoms began.

During your initial intake examination with our team, you should expect:

  • An in-depth health history
  • X-rays and other medical imaging
  • A physical exam
  • Answering questions about your activities, work, and goals
  • Initial baseline testing for range of motion, strength, and more

Using what we learn, we will diagnose your condition, discuss your personalized program, and determine any possible contraindications. Usually, our patients undergo their first adjustment or therapy on the same day.

As they see our team for treatment and rehabilitation, we continue to assess their progress. This allows us to ensure their program moves forward and they continue to make the expected progress. As necessary, we can alter their plan to set new goals, alter their treatment program, or take other steps.

Get Help From Our Team With Fort Myers Cervical Traction Adjustments

The Specific Care Chiropractic team at our Fort Myers location wants to help you return to your regular activities without pain, limited range of motion, inflammation, and other debilitating symptoms. We know how much you want to participate in your favorite hobbies, enjoy recreational activities, and return to your normal tasks at work. We can help you.

When you see our chiropractors and therapists, you are in good hands. We will develop a care plan based on your age, activities, overall health, goals, and specific injuries. We can help you understand what to expect as a new patient, get the proper paperwork to complete, and answer questions you may have about paying for your care.

Let us know if you have questions about insurance or if your injuries occurred because of an auto accident, fall, or other incident. When necessary, our team can provide your personal injury lawyer with detailed documentation of your injuries, necessary treatment, lasting effects, and more.

Understanding If Cervical Traction Therapy Should Be Part of Your Treatment Plan

When our chiropractors and physical therapists prescribe and perform cervical traction adjustments at our Fort Myers, FL, location, we take the necessary steps to ensure we understand your condition, any contraindications, and your current symptoms. Under certain circumstances, cervical traction adjustments may not be the best option for a patient with neck injuries. Contraindications could include:

  • Recent fractures in the cervical spine
  • Unstable facet joint dislocations
  • Screws or plates in the affected area from a previous surgery
  • Tumors or cancer near the affected area
  • Bone infections
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Weak bones, such as from osteoporosis
  • Issues related to the vertebral or carotid arteries
  • Spine hypermobility

If you have one of these concerns or another contraindication for cervical traction adjustments, our doctors will not include this type of adjustment in your care plan. Instead, we will pursue other therapies that could provide effective treatment, refer you to the necessary specialist, or discuss other options for rehabilitation.

We May Recommend Additional Therapies to Treat Your Condition

Often, our patients come to us with unbearable neck or back pain, stiffness, or other symptoms. Many are trying to avoid invasive surgical treatment or relying on strong painkillers to continue to work. Sometimes, seniors struggle to remain mobile and independent because of their pain. Alongside treating the underlying condition, we need to help them manage their symptoms related to neck injuries, herniated discs, sprains and strains, pinched nerves, or other concerns.

We often prescribe complementary therapies, including:

  • Massage
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Muscle energy techniques (MET)

Once we have their symptoms managed, and their cervical traction adjustments aid in treating the cause of their pain, we begin rehabilitation. This generally includes physical therapy exercises designed to help them build strength, flexibility, and range of motion. This allows us to ensure they leave our care stronger and healthier than they were when their symptoms began.

Discuss How Fort Myers Cervical Traction Adjustments Might Help Your Condition With Our Team

Specific Care Chiropractic has team members available now to take your call, answer your questions, and schedule your initial intake exam with one of our chiropractors. We can help you address your neck and upper back pain. Contact us today at (239) 369-9109.