Fort Myers Back Injury Treatment

Recovering from a back injury takes time and patience. Still, we understand your desire to recover as fully and quickly as possible. Our team works with you to create a safely-paced treatment schedule with regular checkups and reevaluations along the way. Using a suite of imaging exams and a detailed physical examination, we develop a course of treatment designed to meet your specific recovery needs and goals.

If you are looking for innovative, patient-focused treatment for your back injury, our Specific Care Chiropractic team is ready to provide it. With restorative and therapeutic chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques, we strive to help all our clients regain strength and mobility. Our Fort Myers back injury treatment team will work with you to optimize your recovery and restore your ability to live a pain-free and joy-filled life.

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How Chiropractic Medicine Benefits Back Injury Patients

Chiropractor performs adjustment for Fort Myers back injury treatment

The Journal of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine cites the benefits of chiropractic spinal manipulation in treating acute, subacute, and chronic back pain, particularly in the low and middle back areas. It also notes the benefits of a therapeutic exercise program in preventing painful and aggravating recurrences.

Our approach to chronic and debilitating back pain includes four treatment phases—acute, rehab, strengthening, and recovery. As we provide treatment, our team makes sure you understand what each stage of recovery means and how we determine when you have successfully transitioned between phases.

The Acute Phase of Recovery

This phase focuses on identifying the focal point of your back injury and the treatments that offer you maximum pain relief. During this phase, we typically provide:

Chiropractic adjustments to return your spine to its proper position and increase your mobility
Stretches and exercises to relieve tension, increase flexibility, and improve muscle strength

We may also prescribe massage therapy that fosters whole-body relaxation. Your back injury severity and pain levels will help our team choose treatments for the acute phase.

The Rehab Phase of Recovery

During this recovery phase, we plan a course of chiropractic adjustments, more stretches and exercises, and additional massage therapy sessions. Your body and the progress you make will dictate ongoing changes to your treatments throughout this phase.

You may experience flare-ups as your body adjusts. With routine monitoring of your progress and advancements, we make periodic adjustments to your back injury care routine.

The Strengthening Phase of Recovery

In the strengthening phase of recovery, you will notice improvement in your muscles, joints, and bones. During this phase, we may recommend:

  • Final corrective care and pain relief
  • More stringent exercise, including lifting weights
  • Deep tissue massage therapy techniques

With increasingly progressive chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques, your body will begin to develop muscle strength and overall strength as you move toward optimal recovery.

The Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) Phase of Recovery

This phase marks the culmination of your treatments and signals your ability to return to your preferred level of physical activity. You should feel confident in your own physical ability at this point and comfortable engaging in the activities and events you enjoyed prior to your injury.

There is no need to worry—our staff is always here for you whenever you need us. We do, however, look forward to this phase of recovery as you do. When you get there, we celebrate with you and help you maximize the healing of your back injury by encouraging you to go back to enjoying life.

Defining the Cause and Scope of Your Back Injury

Fort Myers Back Injury Treatment

Back pain is among the most frequent complaints of people who seek medical assistance. It is also a leading cause of physical disabilities that prevent people from working to support themselves and their families—when your back is injured, it makes moving and manipulating your entire body difficult.

Our chiropractic team is committed to helping you maintain a healthy back and a healthy body. Mayo Clinic guidelines recommend many of the same health care approaches we recommend for injured patients, including:

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we help patients in Fort Myers find back injury treatments that lead to pain reduction and eradication so they can return to overall good health. Because your role in restoring your health is critical, we provide regular progress updates as your body works toward restoration.

Our Patients Recommend Our Supportive Practice

We work hard to make sure every patient we treat has the best experience in our office, exam rooms, and treatment rooms. Patients we helped with physical recovery in the past refer us to their friends, family, and the world via the internet. When they talk about our practice, they say:

“Went in for my first chiropractic visit, the office staff was wonderful…They explain everything, check in with you often, go through all the paperwork, are very patient and professional…I would recommend them to anyone.” — Ashley Peabody

“They are amazing. I would recommend to everyone. [I have] never been to a place that will go out of their way to make u feel comfortable and help u understand your injury the way Dr. Peck and the rest of the staff does…. thanx for everything Specific Care Chiropractic.” — Nic Gardiner

“I love this place! Dr. Rivera is wonderful and so is everyone in the office. I was in a lot of pain in my low back when I walked in. Within a very short period of time, I was feeling fine and back to normal.” — Barbara Montellanico

The health and wellness of our patients remain our primary focus. Our treatment goals are simple—helping you recover your health, vitality, and the ability to move without pain.

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If a back injury is preventing you from engaging in your preferred activities, our team can help you learn more about the benefits of chiropractic medicine and physiotherapy techniques.

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