Weston Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is a nerve condition that can cause severe pain in the leg, buttock, and lower back. People with this condition may have a difficult time walking, getting comfortable, doing their jobs, and taking care of their families. It does not have to be this way: chiropractic care is available.

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What Does Sciatica Treatment Entail?

It is natural to wonder what your experience will be like when you are planning to see a new doctor. Here is a brief guide to what you can expect when you trust your healthcare to Specific Care Chiropractic.

We Diagnose Your Condition

To provide the best and safest possible care, we have to know both the source of your pain and the state of your overall health. During your first appointment, we can answer these questions by:

  • Having you fill out a questionnaire regarding the issue you came to see us about
  • Talking to you about when your pain started, what it feels like, what treatments you have already tried, and your general medical history
  • Requesting your medical records from your other providers
  • Ordering tests, such as x-rays, if we feel it is necessary

We thoroughly review each patient’s materials and history. This allows us to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the right kinds of treatment.

We Discuss Your Diagnosis and Treatment

Once we have confirmed you have sciatica (or something else), we will call you back in to discuss our findings. By this point, we will have also determined which types of treatments are appropriate for your condition and can:

  • Describe how each treatment works in detail
  • Help you weigh the pros and cons of each treatment option
  • Answer your questions about treatment options, including how long they will take and how much they may cost
  • Make an appointment to start treatment at your earliest convenience

If more than one course of treatment is available, we provide all of the information you need to make the right decision. You do not have to decide right away: you can always go home, consider what we have said, and then call back later to inform us of your decision and learn about next steps.

We Implement Treatment

Once we agree on a treatment regimen, we will devote your third, fourth, and subsequent appointments to implementing it. We can continue providing treatment until you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI), or the point at which further treatment will not provide appreciable benefits.

By the end of treatment, you should be feeling much better. If you still experience significant pain, we can:

  • Try another treatment option
  • Recommend you see another doctor who can provide more radical treatment, such as surgery
  • Work with your other doctors to speed your recovery—for example, our rehabilitative therapy and therapeutic exercises can help you feel better after surgery

What Sciatica Treatments Are Available?

Our team is qualified to provide the following types of sciatica treatments. Remember that you may or may not be able to try all of these treatments, depending on the specifics of your condition and your general health:

  • Chiropractic adjustments: This involves manipulating the bones in your spine so they do not put as much pressure on your sciatic nerve. Nerve pressure is the root cause of sciatica.
  • Massage therapy: Massage is a great, relaxing way to relieve tension and pain at the injury site. We can tailor our massage techniques to your needs.
  • Exercise and stretches: Learning how to move and stretch your lower back in safe, healthy ways can relieve pain now and help prevent future back pain.
  • Ultrasound or E-STIM therapy: Both of these treatments aim to promote healing while reducing pain. Ultrasound does this with soundwaves, while electrical muscle stimulation does it with low levels of electrical pulses.

No matter which treatment you end up choosing, you can count on Specific Care Chiropractic to provide it with the professionalism and compassion you deserve.


What Causes Sciatica?

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, sciatica usually results from pressure on the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back and down each of your legs. Which side you experience symptoms on depends on which side of your spine the pressure comes from. 

Sciatic nerve pressure could result from:

  • A herniated disc: When a disc—or the cushioning material between your backbones—is pushed out of place, it can put pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • The way you stand or sit: If you tend to slouch or twist your limbs into unnatural positions when you sit, you could inadvertently increase your risk of sciatica.
  • Obesity: Being heavy is not necessarily a sign of poor health. However, excess weight, especially when accompanied by a lack of exercise, can put undue strain on your entire body.
  • A tumor: In rare cases, a tumor can put pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing pain. If we find or suspect a tumor, we can refer you to another doctor who is equipped to handle that part of your treatment.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your risk of certain sciatica factors. Our treatment plan can include:

  • An assessment of the most likely cause of your sciatica
  • Stretches and exercises that can help keep your lower back healthy
  • Other recommended lifestyle changes that could improve your quality of life

Unlike medication or hot/cold therapy, which can only offer short-term pain relief, chiropractic treatment for sciatica can alleviate your current symptoms and prevent symptoms from recurring in the future. Weston residents like you do not have to live in pain or rely solely on temporary pain relief measures.

Learn More About Our Weston Sciatica Treatments

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