Deerfield Beach Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is used to help patients rehabilitate after physical trauma or treat ongoing pain, according to Best Practice & Research: Clinical Rheumatology. If you are in need of physiotherapy, the team at Specific Care Chiropractic can provide Deerfield Beach physiotherapy services that meet your needs.

Our chiropractors have experience working with clients who have experienced a slip, fall, or other traumatic occurrences. If you’re interested in physiotherapy treatment by one of our chiropractors in Deerfield Beach, contact our office today.

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Types of Physiotherapy Specific Care Offers to Patients

We create an individual treatment plan for each patient. Treatment that helps one patient may not be beneficial to another. We will ask about your injuries, perform a physical examination, and recommend physiotherapeutic procedures.

Our treatment efforts include:

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can help your symptoms and can be a relaxing experience. Our massage therapists can treat and answer questions about the following:

  • Excessive muscle tension
  • Back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Muscle cramps

An effective massage session can relax muscles and joints, improve blood flow and flexibility, and relieve severe aches and headaches.

Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

Muscle weakness – especially in the back – can cause or contribute to injuries and pain. We address these weaknesses through stretching and strengthening exercises. You can complete these exercises even when you are not in our office, which makes them an essential part of your recovery.

Corrective Techniques

Corrective care follows one or more chiropractic adjustments to the body. This approach focuses on the underlying source of discomfort, pain, and other symptoms. Once we can address the cause of your illness, we’ll try to avoid similar issues from happening to you in the future.

Rehabilitation Approaches

Rehabilitative therapy consists of efforts to have you regain full strength. Our staff will get you through training and different types of exercises. Over time, your muscles should feel stronger. You can gain flexibility and mobility and be less vulnerable to future damage to your muscles.

Physiotherapy is used to help rehabilitate patients after physical trauma or treat ongoing pain, according to Best Practice & Research: Clinical Rheumatology.

Ultrasound Therapy

We use safe technology to deliver sound waves to muscle tissue using ultrasound therapy. These waves may promote tissue regeneration and diminish your muscle pain. This particular therapy can be beneficial for diseases of numerous parts of the body, from the knee all way to the neck. This is a non-invasive treatment regimen, and we’ll discuss whether it’s appropriate for you.

E-STIM, also known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Our team employs the latest technology to reduce your symptoms. Electrical muscle stimulation uses safe electrical impulses to stimulate the healing of muscle tissue. It can help you with muscle cramps, constant pain, and other medical maladies.

We can recommend other treatment features as well. Our goal is to relieve you of discomfort, pain, and other ailments. We will use every possible tactic we have to get you back to full health.

What You Can Expect at Your Deerfield Beach Appointment

If you haven’t visited us before, here are a few things you can expect from your first physiotherapy session:

Introductory Questions

You’ll first need to write some information down on our forms, and a short questionnaire will give us an accurate idea of ​​your clinical history. A chiropractic physician from our team will go over this information with you and may ask more questions for further review.

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Physical Examination

Once our doctor understands the type of injury or pain you’re going through, they’ll complete a physical examination to determine where the pivotal aspect of pain is, as well as its severity. They will subject you to X-rays and other examinations to help get to the bottom of your condition.

Discussion of Subsequent Steps

At the end of your meeting, our team will immediately discuss planning your next visit to review the X-ray scans and treatment agenda. If you’ve been injured in an accident and want to take legal action, we can also refer you to a lawyer and provide you with information pertinent to your case.

Depending on the condition, you may need several visits to restore mobility and function back to you. We will discuss your treatment plan more specifically during the appointment.

Physiotherapy Provides Benefits to Those Who Need It

Some of the advantages of physiotherapy include the following:

You May Be Able to Avoid Surgical Operations

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be able to heal and repair the injury by way of physical therapy. Our noninvasive strategies serve as an alternative to surgery. We can make effective chiropractic adjustments on your spinal cord and then use physical therapy to relieve undue tension and pain in your body.

You Can Resume Your Normal Daily Activities

Healing takes time, and physiotherapy respects the patient’s recovery process. We will teach you exercises that will support your rehabilitation journey so that you can slowly and naturally accumulate strength and flexibility.

Physiotherapy Helps Patients Who Have Had a Stroke or Paralysis

Some patients are unable to move on their own and may require help. Our chiropractic doctors can help patients who suffer from stroke or paralysis as a result of their injuries, with treatment. In this way, patients can still maintain muscle mass and reduce the possibility of muscle weakness and other physical health issues.

Our Physiotherapy Serves as an Alternative Method to Treating Pain

Among the most important benefits of physiotherapy is the reduction of pain. Patients who choose this treatment option may be able to avoid or reduce the use of prescription pain relief if physiotherapy techniques effectively relieve the pain they are experiencing.

Progressive strengthening and stretching of the musculoskeletal system during rehabilitation can help many people with long-term recovery, and our chiropractors want to offer the treatment and intensive care you need to reach your health goals.

Specific Care Chiropractic Wants to Help You Solve Your Chronic Pain

Our team believes in injury prevention and in the long-term treatment of the condition well after the symptoms appear. To this end, we always try to assist every customer to get healthy and stay as healthy and strong for as long as possible. This method can significantly lessen the risk of chronic pain or injury.

Our unique techniques and plans can meet their needs, including pain and symptom relief. Through chiropractic and physiotherapy services, we help our patients address current physical issues and protect their health in the long run.

We Can Work With Your Personal Injury Lawyers

Some of our clients need support when it comes to injuries they’ve suffered because of another party’s negligence. Our clients can take legal action against responsible parties, and we can help them with this process. You could be injured, for example, if another driver runs a red light and crashes into your car. We can work with your attorney to hold the liable party accountable.

Our team can work with your injury lawyer in the following ways:

  • Testify in court
  • Explain what treatment you need
  • Provide a comprehensive review of your symptoms and injuries
  • Provide clinical photos of your injuries
  • Explain how long you’ll be unable to work.

What we do is help customers become whole again. If our team can help with the legal case, we certainly will.

Schedule a Deerfield Beach Physiotherapy Appointment

If you or anyone you know has recently been diagnosed with a severe injury and is dealing with significant pain and inflammation, the chiropractic physicians at Specific Care Chiropractic would like to evaluate your situation and find ways to treat it using physiotherapy. Our physicians will provide relief no matter what caused your injury.

To get started, call (239) 369-9109. Your initial appointment will involve a consultation, physical examination, and other tests to determine the severity of your injury. We’ll then put you on a physiotherapy regimen that will last a certain number of weeks.