Buckingham Muscle Strains Treatment

Whether you were in an accident or overexerted yourself at work or during physical activities, the stress on your tendons and ligaments can cause muscle strain. According to Mayo Clinic, depending on the severity of the injury, muscle strains can lead to swelling, a limited range of motion, muscle weakness and spasms, and tenderness and pain in the affected area.

If you’re dealing with a muscle strain, our team of chiropractors can administer physical therapy and chiropractic care to alleviate your discomfort. Learn more about how we can build a Buckingham muscle strain treatment plan when you call Specific Care Chiropractic at (239) 369-9109.

Typical Treatments We Administer to Our Muscle Strain Patients

Those with mild cases of muscle strains might just need to rest and alternate ice and heat to feel better. For others, their injuries might call for more involved treatments. At Specific Care Chiropractic, we might recommend you undergo one or more of the following care techniques:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Patients with muscle strains can benefit from chiropractic adjustments, such as:

  • Toggle recoil
  • Diversified adjustments
  • Seated diversified adjustments
  • Activator
  • Side posture
  • Knee-chest
  • Manual extremities
  • The Thompson Drop-Table Technique
  • The Sacral-occipital technique (SOT)

Ultrasound Therapy

Here, we will use sound waves that penetrate through the muscles to promote regeneration. We typically use this method for patients who have suffered sports injuries.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy (E-STIM)

Contrary to what the name suggests, E-STIM is a painless, non-invasive procedure. Your therapist will place electrodes around the affected area that send small bursts of electricity into the damaged tissue. This treatment aims to promote circulation and break down scar tissue.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is known for decreasing muscle tension and promoting healing. It comes with plenty of other advantages, too. For example, it can help improve blood circulation, increase flexibility, and alleviate nerve compression.

Stretching and Strength Training

Stretching can help enhance your flexibility and reduce the risk of re-injury. Also, strength training builds muscle mass and protects you from inflammation. Your physician can teach you different stretches and exercises that you can practice at our facility and at home.

How We Assess Which Muscle Strain Treatments Will Work Best for You

After reading about our array of muscle strain treatments, it’s easy to wonder how we choose which one works best for each patient and how long their treatment should be. In doing so, we look at factors such as:

  • Age
  • The location of the injury
  • When the pain started (e.g., if it was a certain event or slowly happened over time)
  • The frequency of the pain (e.g., if it’s constant or comes in waves)
  • If the pain has spread to other areas
  • If certain things aggravate the pain
  • Activity levels
  • What helps the pain

This information can give us an idea of our next steps, which may involve taking x-rays or referring you to a specialist. We intend to create a personalized treatment plan that aims to heal your muscle strains and other injuries as soon as possible.

If You Suffered a Muscle Sprain in an Accident or At Work

Personal injury accident victims or employees who were hurt at work may choose to file a case against the liable party. Keep in mind that you’ll need evidence to show that you deserve compensation. Our chiropractors supply medical documentation to corroborate your story. This evidence may include the following:

  • Imaging scans
  • A list of your appointments
  • Written testimony of your diagnosis and prognosis
  • Your treatment plan
  • Invoices for appointments and other equipment
  • Estimates for anticipated medical bills

Sometimes, patients need help filing a claim or lawsuit and opt to hire lawyers. If you want to go this route, we can recommend a law firm that takes cases like yours.

Phases of Buckingham Muscle Strain Treatment

In general, our patients go through four phases of treatment. These phases include:

  • The acute phase: Here, we may do chiropractic adjustments, stretches, or massage therapy to provide some immediate relief.
  • The rehab phase: You’ll work to increase your flexibility in your joints and range of motion with massages, adjustments, or light exercise.
  • The strengthening phase: You should start to feel better or the same as you did prior to your injury. We may start to incorporate more intense therapy, like strength training.
  • Maximum medical improvement (MMI): You can’t progress anymore because you’ve recovered as much as your body allows.

Don’t feel discouraged if you experience flare-ups at any point during your recovery, as that’s part of the process. However, if pain persists, notify your physician immediately.

Former Clients Have Shared Their Thoughts About Working With Us

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we do our best to keep you comfortable and at ease while recovering. Many of our former patients can attest to this approach. Some have shared:

  • “The folks here are all great. They’re friendly, courteous, and respectful. They all seem to try to do whatever they can to make your experience as pleasant as possible. They have great communication and explain what they’re doing and why. Everybody that’s there seems to honestly enjoy their job and interacting with their clients. Top notch folks there. You won’t go wrong choosing to go there.” – Tony S.
  • “I have used chiropractic care periodically as needed over the last thirty years. No one has done it better than Specific Care Chiropractor. They will educate you and will put together a plan to improve the Quality of life for you. I highly recommended Specific Care Chiropractor.” – Richard W.

We aim to give each patient who walks through our doors the best experience, and we want to do that for you, too.

Begin Your Buckingham Muscle Strain Treatment Today

Muscle strains can take a toll on your professional and personal lives. Start finding solutions with Specific Care Chiropractic. After reviewing your condition, we can formulate a Buckingham muscle sprain treatment that works for you. Contact us today at (239) 369-9109 to set up your first appointment.