Weston Muscle Strains Treatment

A muscle strain can occur if you work too hard, play sports frequently, or simply move in the wrong way. Regardless of how it happens, such an injury can cause significant pain and prevent you from doing what you love or have to do.

With so much medical information available online, it can be difficult to find the right Weston muscle strains treatment for you. Our team can help you do so. All you have to do is call (239) 369-9109 and make an appointment today.


We Treat—and Prevent—Muscle Strains

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we are concerned about your overall well-being, not just treating a single problem. To that end, we can design the right treatment plan by:

  • Making an appointment for you to come in and discuss your situation as soon as possible
  • Reviewing your medical history and ordering any tests that can help us confirm the source of your pain (or rule out other potential causes)
  • Working with you to determine which treatment options are best for your situation
  • Implementing the treatment plan at your next appointment and continuing for as long as you keep seeing improvements
  • Managing expectations, so you know what treatment will be like and what the probable outcome will be
  • Helping you cope with any side effects of treatment or altering or stopping treatment if necessary

Our team can guide you along your treatment journey until you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI). This is the point at which treatment has done all it can for you, and you are either recovered or ready to start another treatment.

Not only can Specific Care Chiropractic provide short-term relief, but our treatments can also keep your muscles healthy for years to come. Feel free to schedule regular appointments if you need assistance maintaining your current condition, or you can perform the exercises and techniques we teach you at home.

Treatment for Muscle Strains

We offer the following treatment options for people who have strained a muscle:

  • Rehabilitative therapy: When you strain a muscle, you need plenty of rest. Unfortunately, resting a muscle can cause it to become stiff and lose flexibility. We can help you regain the range of motion you had before.
  • Strengthening therapy: Our team can prescribe exercises and stretches that increase strength in the injured muscle, making it healthier and less likely to suffer another strain in the future.
  • Ultrasound therapy: By pulsing soundwaves into the injured tissue, we can help it heal faster and reduce the pain you feel.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation: E-STIM therapy uses electric pulses to reduce spasms or inflammation. Like ultrasound therapy, it encourages healing at the injury site.
  • Massage therapy: Massage decreases the tension and stress that cause pain. By targeting your strained muscle with appropriate massage techniques, we help you feel better.

These treatments enhance your body’s ability to repair itself and reduce painful symptoms during the healing process. They are gentle, noninvasive, and often painless.

If you have a condition more serious than a muscle strain that requires invasive medical intervention (e.g., surgery), we can still help. Our therapies work well with other forms of healthcare and promote healing after the trauma of an injury, an operation, or both.


Paying for Muscle Strain Treatment

There are several ways you can pay for your chiropractic treatment, including:

  • Through your insurance: Your health insurance may cover some or all of your treatment, although you may have to pay a deductible first. You can talk to your insurance agent or us if you are unsure of what your policy covers.
  • Through another person’s insurance: If your muscle strain was caused by another party (e.g., you were injured in a car accident), you may be able to get a settlement from the liable party that covers your treatment.
  • Out of pocket: If you do not have insurance, or if your insurer will not cover treatment, you can pay for it from your own resources.

Specific Care Chiropractic is here to address all of your payment-related concerns. We can even:

  • Offer payment plans that allow you to pay over time or bring your relatives in for treatment as well
  • Send your medical records to an insurance company so they know the extent of your injury and your need for treatment
  • Answer any and all questions you ask us during or in between appointments

It is important that you learn how to properly manage a strained muscle. Not doing so could lead to other strains in the future or a permanently reduced range of motion in the injured area. Instead of letting monetary concerns prevent you from seeking treatment, allow us to help you work out a payment plan. 

How People Can Strain Muscles

According to Cleveland Clinic, the three most common muscle strain causes are:

  • Not warming up: Before you engage in a lot of movement or exercise, it is important to warm up your muscles by stretching or performing lighter activities.
  • Lack of stretching: The more flexible you are, the healthier your muscles will be and the more action they can withstand. Not stretching can lead to stiff muscles that become strained easily.
  • Repetitive motions: Just like with the objects we use, our body parts can suffer from “wear and tear” after repeated use. You may be especially vulnerable if you are an athlete or a worker who must use the same body part in the same ways day after day.

In some cases, an accident, like a car accident or a workplace accident, could cause your body to move in sudden, unnatural ways and strain a muscle.

The cause of your muscle strain may dictate how we decide to treat it. For this reason, one of the first things we do with any new patient is to sit down with them and have an in-depth discussion about how, when, and where their pain began.


For Weston Muscle Strains Treatment, Call Us

With assistance from Specific Care Chiropractic, you could receive the muscle strains treatment you need to get back on your feet and move ahead with your life, dreams, and goals. We encourage Weston, Florida, residents to call (239) 369-9109 as soon as possible to book an appointment.