Auto Accident: What Should I Do If I Was Hurt?

An auto accident is sometimes unavoidable in Cape Coral, FL, due to the negligent actions of others. The seconds following an auto crash can leave one in shock and confusion. When they lead to injuries, minor or severe health issues can arise. After an accident, seek medical care from doctors for auto accidents in Cape Coral, FL.

The aftermath of a car crash can represent physical and emotional trauma. You have a right to seek compensation for your wounds and losses. You can file a personal injury lawsuit to recoup compensation for the medical expenses and losses. It is advisable to seek an experienced auto accident lawyer to discuss your rights and options.

There are several actions you should also perform to recover and protect your rights. These acts can significantly impact your health and your injury claim. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to do following an auto crash. This article will help you know the steps to take after a collision.

What to Do if You Are Injured  in an Auto Accident in Cape Coral, FL

As already established, car crashes often occur in Cape Coral. What you do after the crash is very important. However, it is not enough to take necessary actions; you must do them on time.  These actions will guarantee your well-being and possibly prevent future complications

They include the following:

  • Report the Accident to the Law Enforcement

Usually, the police may come to an accident scene even when no one calls them. However, it is essential to alert the authorities following a collision. This action is vital for several reasons:

  • First, the police will conduct a preliminary investigation of the auto crash.
  • They will interview the parties and eyewitnesses, examine the accident scene, and assess the damage done.
  • Their investigation will determine who was at fault for the crash, etc.

An auto crash can leave one disoriented when it occurs. You often expose yourself to a he-said, she-said situation. The at-fault driver may deny responsibility or deny that the accident ever occurred. The police crash report identifies the at-fault party, which can be used as evidence when proving liability.

  • Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

Medical care is one of the most critical steps after a collision. Some accident injuries like cuts, bleeding, broken bones, etc., can be evident when they occur. However, other wounds like internal injuries may not be immediately evident. These injuries can be potentially life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated immediately.

The shock and adrenaline rush following a crash can mask symptoms of serious injuries. Hence, you should seek immediate medical attention from physicians and skilled chiropractors. This is not the time to be reluctant to have extensive medical checks. Even if you sustained minor or no injuries, you should still see a physician.

Seeking medical attention helps you recover from your wounds faster. However, refusing or delaying medical care worsens your health and undermines your claim with the insurance company. The insurer may claim your injuries are fake or were not caused by the crash. They always look for opportunities to deny or limit the compensation you deserve.

Your focus should be on your health. Even if you are opposed to painkillers, you can consult a chiropractor to relieve the pain through non-invasive procedures. If your medical provider is unavailable, visit the nearest emergency center in Cape Coral.

Driver on phone after car accident

  • Document Your Injuries

It is always a good idea to document your injuries. Keeping a record helps you have a detailed recollection of the event and your experiences. In addition, documenting the experience can help advance your injury claim.

A personal injury lawsuit can take years before you have your time in court. Chances are you may forget or have a fuzzy memory of the incident surrounding the crash. It is much easier to record at the time the accident occurred. The details may include:

  • How the collision occurred
  • The pain and symptoms associated with the crash
  • Expenses incurred
  • Physicians or chiropractors who attended to you
  • Any missed time from work
  • How the injury has affected you
  • Therapy sessions attended, if any, etc.
  • Obtain Witness Contact Information

One factor that can help your auto accident injury claim is the testimony of third-party witnesses. To receive compensation following a crash, you need to prove liability. Hence, obtain witness contact information at the scene of the crash.

Witnesses can be helpful, especially where you need them to testify at trial. If you find cooperative witnesses, ensure they write what they saw and get helpful information.

  • Gather Evidence to Support Your Auto Accident Claim

You will need to take the initiative of gathering evidence following a crash. This action includes taking photos and videos of the accident, as they serve as compelling evidence. The proof you need may include:

  • Copy of the police crash report
  • Copies of medical bills and health records
  • Insurance company policies and correspondences
  • List of witnesses
  • Contact details, car license number, and insurance details of the at-fault driver, etc.

  • Notify the Insurance Company

You should notify your insurance company and the at-fault driver’s insurance company of the collision. Oftentimes, an insurance adjuster will approach you following the crash. You only need to tell them the facts of the accident. Be careful of giving a recorded statement.

Regardless of the situation, do not speak to them without the presence of a lawyer. They can use your statement against you to deny or limit your claim. Note that their interest is to limit their liabilities and increase their profits. So ensure you seek the support and guidance of an attorney.

  • Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

A Cape Coral accident lawyer can significantly impact your claim. A lawyer will help you get maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. In addition, they have your best interest at heart and will protect your rights.

Insurance companies are known for making low settlement offers to victims without representation. Instead, a lawyer will evaluate the worth of your claim. This prevents you from settling for less than you deserve.

Receive Help From Cape Coral, FL Injury Centers Today!

If an accident causes you injuries, you must seek medical treatment immediately. Not seeking one may cause more harm than good. The type of healthcare provider you seek after a crash depends on the injury suffered.

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we provide natural and non-invasive treatment for car accident injuries. Our skilled chiropractors will evaluate your injury and create a personalized treatment plan.  We also work with lawyers to give expert witness statements on the direct cause of your injuries. Contact us today at Cape Coral Injury Centers.