Military Neck: What Chiropractic Care Can Do For It

According to WebMD, military neck is the generic name given to a condition where the cervical spine becomes straight, instead of having its natural C-shaped curve. This condition does not only affect people who served in the army. The name was given due to the sufferer’s appearance of standing at attention. The posture of their head and neck is not normal and can lead to severe complications. However, chiropractic for military neck can reverse this problem and help patients resume a healthy and pain-free life.

In this article, we will explain why you must not ignore the symptoms of military neck and the reasons why a chiropractor is the best specialist you can trust with your health and wellbeing.

Why Is the Cervical Spine Supposed to Be Curved?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, your neck appears to be straight. However, any model of the human skeleton will show you that the upper part of the spine, which passes through the neck, has a C-shaped curve pointing inwards.

The curvature of the cervical spine is formed in the womb. As the baby starts growing, this curve allows them to keep their head up (it is known that babies are born with oversized heads compared to the rest of their body). The same curve allows our neck, shoulder, and back muscles to strengthen as our body grows.

Finally, the curve of the cervical spine allows the wide range of movements our head and neck are capable of.

Causes and Symptoms of the Military Neck

Our chiropractors have encountered many cases of military neck, which allows them to conclude that the most frequent causes of this condition are:

  • Physical trauma in a car accident or after falling from a height
  • Sports injuries
  • Poor posture while working on the computer
  • Sleeping on the stomach.

Pain is the first symptom of military neck, followed by an unnatural position of the head, slightly bent forward. However, the straight neck condition can also lead to more severe complications, such as:

  • Inability to lift loads
  • Trouble breathing and swallowing
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Back and neck muscles spasms
  • Blurred vision.

In some of the most severe cases, patients who delay seeking help for this condition developed an unnatural curve in the thoracic spine, which would sometimes put pressure on the lungs. This is why you should opt for chiropractic for military neck as soon as you notice that something is wrong.

The Main Reasons to Choose Chiropractic for Military Neck

This condition of the neck can be successfully treated without resorting to medication or surgery if you go to a chiropractor as soon as you identify the first symptoms of military neck. A chiropractor will:

Encourage the Cervical Spine to Return to Its Natural Position

The first aim of chiropractic for military neck is to help the spine regain its natural C-shaped curve. The chiropractor will apply a series of manipulations over several treatment sessions. The manipulations are extremely precise, safe and will not cause you any pain and discomfort.

These are therapeutic procedures acquired over years of formal training and experience. You should not attempt to perform them on yourself at home or ask a friend to do it for you. Only a licensed chiropractor should adjust your neck. Otherwise, you may cause severe injuries to your spine.

Identify and Correct Habits that Led to Your Condition

As part of the therapeutic plan, the chiropractor will try to understand what caused the military neck if no physical trauma is involved. The chiropractor will assess:

  • Your posture while sitting and standing
  • The placement of your office chair and desk (by asking you to provide photos)
  • Your usual position when sleeping.

Based on the information gathered from this evaluation, chiropractic for military neck will also involve a change in your habits. The chiropractor will recommend you to use an ergonomic office desk, maintain a correct posture while walking and sitting down and stop sleeping on your stomach.

It is an effort on your part to correct these habits, but it is worthwhile.

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