Is Chiropractic for Herniated Disc Safe?

A herniated disc can change your life and transform you from an active person into someone who needs to walk slowly, sit down frequently and take pain medication. At Specific Care Chiropractic, we believe that you should not resign yourself to this fate. You have options to resume your normal activities and live free of pain. Chiropractic for herniated disc is one of the most effective non-invasive treatment options.

However, many patients are having second thoughts when the chiropractor explains the treatment plan to them: spine adjustments and manipulations and electrical muscle stimulation therapy. They are afraid that this type of treatment may be painful and make their condition even worse. Here is the truth:

Chiropractors Are Trained and Certified Professionals

First of all chiropractic for herniated disc is a legitimate, regulated and approved form of treatment. Chiropractors have to go to college and pass exams in order to get their right to practice. The average chiropractor will receive around 4,600 hours of medical school education before they can take their certification exam and obtain their license.

All the professionals working for Specific Care Chiropractic are experienced chiropractors, who have treated thousands of patients for the same condition as yours.

Mainstream Medicine Recognizes the Benefits of Chiropractic for Herniated Disc

One of the most relevant proofs that a treatment works is peer review and agreement. It means that other trained professionals have researched that type of treatment and agree that it is beneficial and safe for the patient.

When it comes to chiropractic for herniated disc, doctors specializing in spine treatments have already given their approval. A research study published in the European Spine Journal demonstrated that:

  • Chiropractic treatment is safe for patients with herniated disc
  • This type of treatment is effective for pain management and for helping patients resume their active life.

Chiropractic Has a Low Level of Risk for Patients

If you go to any hospital, you will be told that herniated disc can be solved with surgery. However, for many people, this is a risky option. They may be allergic to the anesthetic used during surgeries. They may have preexisting conditions that make any kind of surgery unreasonably dangerous.

Or, simply, the patient may not wish to undergo such an invasive medical procedure. This is why chiropractic for herniated disc is recommended for these patients. It is a completely safe and non-invasive treatment option. The chiropractor only uses their hands. There are no drugs or incisions involved.

Beyond Treatment, Ongoing Rehabilitation

The approach of chiropractic is to treat the whole person, not only the symptoms they suffer from. Pain is the signal that something is wrong inside the body and that the nervous system is not working properly.

Therefore, chiropractic for herniated disc is not only about relieving pain, but restoring proper function to the nerves and the entire body. Your chiropractor will teach you how to manage your condition and enjoy a good quality of life by:

  • Correcting your posture when standing or sitting
  • Recommending you lifestyle changes that will improve your wellness (losing weight, opting for a healthy diet)
  • Teaching you exercises to regain your full range of movements.

Chiropractic for Herniated Disc Is a Fully Transparent Process

Your chiropractor will communicate with you at every step of the healing process. You will be asked to provide progress reports (say how you feel, whether you notice any improvements) and the chiropractor will explain to you in clear and simple terms what the treatment plan involves.

Our specialists encourage all patients to ask questions whenever anything is unclear to them. Our goal is to help you feel better and go back to your life prior to the injury or condition that caused the herniated disc. Moreover, if your painful condition was caused by a workplace injury or car accident, the chiropractor will provide your lawyer with all the necessary medical records to help prepare your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Choose a Safe and Non-Invasive Therapy for Herniated Disc

At Specific Care Chiropractor, we believe that everyone deserves to live an active life, free of pain and other conditions that limit their enjoyment of life. For over 20 years, we have been helping patients with various injuries, including herniated disc.

Our approach in chiropractic for herniated disc is to help you reach the maximum level of improvement with minimum risks. Whenever you are ready to start on your journey towards healing, we are waiting for you in one of our clinics in:

  • Fort Myers, FL
  • Cape Coral, FL
  • Coral Springs, FL
  • Leigh Acres, FL.