Plantation Neck Injury Treatment

Neck injuries can happen in an instant, such as in an auto accident or a serious fall. In other cases, neck injuries slowly build up over time from chronic conditions like spinal stenosis. No matter what the cause, neck injuries can be debilitating and leave you with pain and weakness that impair your quality of life.

If you have an injured neck, do not resign yourself to a lifetime of limited movement and chronic pain. Chiropractic treatment can heal the damage to your neck, improving your symptoms and helping you continue to do all the things you enjoy. Our Plantation neck injury treatment team is here to help you.

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Neck Injuries We Treat in Plantation

Our doctors will walk you through what to expect from chiropractic treatment at our office. Our doctors at Specific Chiropractic Care treat many common neck injuries.


Mayo Clinic describes whiplash as a neck injury caused by the neck moving rapidly back and forth like a whip. Rear-end accidents cause whiplash, as can sports injuries and falling accidents. People with whiplash often experience pain, limited range of motion, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and tingling or numbness in the arms.

Cervical Radiculopathy (a.k.a. Pinched Nerve)

Johns Hopkins Medicine describes cervical radiculopathy as a compressed nerve root in the neck region of the spine. The nerves from the neck region extend through the arms, hands, and fingers, so people with this condition experience pain, weakness, or numbness in these areas. Spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and bone spurs may cause a pinched nerve.

Spinal Cord Injuries

According to information from Cleveland Clinic, spinal cord injuries to the neck occur when the vertebrae, or bones surrounding the spinal cord, receive a traumatic blow. Car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, sports injuries, surgical complications, and more can cause spinal cord injuries in the neck.

Depending on the severity of the injury, symptoms can include impaired sensation, reflexes, and movement, as well as pain, weakness, and paralysis.

Herniated Disc

The neck consists of seven cervical vertebrae. Gel-filled discs separate and cushion these vertebrae. The University of Florida Health describes a herniated cervical disc as one in which the outside of the disc tears, allowing the gel to protrude from the disc and push on the nerves.

Herniated cervical discs can cause pain, numbness, and weakness in the neck, shoulder, and arms. They can also impair walking, muscle rigidity, and incontinence.

Chiropractic Treatments for a Neck Injury

Our doctors offer a variety of chiropractic adjustments and will tailor a plan to your needs. Our doctors may utilize these adjustments.

Diversified Adjustments

This approach is the classic chiropractic adjustment in which our chiropractor applies short, forceful thrusts to bring the spine back into its natural alignment. Many patients experience immediate relief after an adjustment but still require regular adjustments to maintain progress.

Seated Diversified

This technique uses the same concept at diversified adjustments but here, the patient sits in a chair. It is particularly helpful for people with neck injuries.


Knee-chest adjustments allow our chiropractor to bring the head and neck back into alignment, so it is especially useful for patients with neck injuries. The patient kneels on a cushion and places their head on the adjustment table while our doctor manipulates the head and neck.

Toggle Recoil

With the toggle recoil method, our chiropractor uses gentle, less forceful thrusts to manipulate the spine into alignment. This can be a good option for people with less severe injuries.

A chiropractor performing Plantation neck injury treatment


Our doctor may use a handheld instrument to apply high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) thrusts to the affected area. This technique provides the same benefits as diversified adjustments without using forceful thrusts.

Sacral-Occipital Technique

This technique focuses on the relationship between the sacrum, or bottom of the spine, and the occiput, or back of the head.

We Can Assist With Your Personal Injury Case for a Neck Injury

Many of our neck injury patients come to us after a car accident, slip-and-fall accident, or work-related accident. If someone else caused your neck injury through negligent behavior, they may be responsible for your medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and more.

Our team can work with your personal injury lawyer to build your case against the at-fault party. Here is how we can help with your case.

Document Your Neck Injury

Your evaluation with our physician plus medical imaging, such as X-rays, will document your injury and link it to the incident in question. Without this documentation, the other party may claim that your neck injury is not related to the accident and that you are responsible for any treatment.

Provide Evidence and Expert Medical Testimony

We will send copies of your medical bills and records to your lawyer to use as evidence in your case.

Our physician can serve as an expert medical witness for your case. We can give testimony concerning the extent of your injuries, your long-term prognosis, and the expected length of your treatment.

Payment Options for Neck Injury Treatment

At Specific Chiropractic Care, we want to make chiropractic treatment accessible to all of our patients. We work with both insured and uninsured patients. If you have any concerns about whether you can afford treatment for your neck injury, call our Plantation office today to discuss our flexible payment options.

Insured Patients

We accept most major insurance carriers, including Medicare. Our office is more than happy to look up the chiropractic benefits your insurance provides. Just ask our team when you schedule your first appointment!

Patients Without Insurance

If your provider does not cover chiropractic care or if you do not have health insurance, talk to our team about a direct payment plan. We are committed to providing affordable care for all our patients.

Personal Injury Patients

If your neck injury is the result of a car accident, slip-and-fall accident, or incident at work, the at-fault party may be responsible for your medical care, including chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy.

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Chiropractic treatment can help you manage your symptoms and promote healing after a neck injury. Our doctors can diagnose your injury, create a treatment plan just for you, and monitor your progress from acute injury to maximum medical improvement.

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