Plantation Herniated Disc Treatment

A herniated disc occurs when you have a problem with the cushion that sits between each vertebra in your spine. A healthy spinal disc has a soft center encased in a tough exterior. Herniated discs can be painful. However, there are several treatment options available to minimize the pain.

If you are experiencing pain caused by a herniated disc, the team at Specific Care Chiropractic can help. Our team of chiropractors and physical therapists can develop a treatment plan to help reduce the pain you are experiencing. Our Plantation herniated disc treatment is personalized to you to help you live a happier and pain-free life.

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What Is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is a painful issue in the discs between each vertebra on the spine. When a disc herniates, the center of the disc pushes through a tear on the outer layer of the disc. A herniated disc injury can occur on any part of the spine and cause pain, numbness, and weakness in the arms and legs.

Some people have severe symptoms, while others have barely any at all. Treatments can provide some relief from the pain caused by a herniated disc.

What Are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

While most herniated discs occur in the lower back, some occur in the neck. The location of the disc determines the signs and symptoms someone might experience. Like sciatica, a herniated disc most likely affects only one side of the body. Herniated disc sufferers can feel symptoms in the arms, legs, or neck.

With herniated discs, most people feel:

  • Numbness: The body part impacted by the herniated disc could have a numb or tingling sensation.
  • Weakness: The nerves impacted by the herniated disc could become weaker over time. In severe cases, you could struggle to walk normally or hold objects.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Specific Care Chiropractic. We can perform a physical exam and request imaging to determine if a herniated disc is causing your symptoms.

Causes of a Herniated Disc

A common cause of herniated discs is gradual wear on the discs. In addition, as people age, the discs are more likely to tear with a minor strain. Sometimes, lifting heavy objects can also cause herniated discs.

Some people are at higher risk of sustaining a herniated disc injury. High-risk people include:

  • People who are overweight. The extra weight causes stress on the lower back, increasing the likelihood of developing a herniated disc.
  • People who repeatedly lift objects. If your job requires repetitive motion such as lifting, pushing, and twisting, you could have a higher risk of developing a herniated disk.
  • Being sedentary for long periods. A sedentary lifestyle often includes sitting down or in a car for a long time. Being seated puts pressure on the lower back, increasing the likelihood of a herniated disc.
  • People with a genetic predisposition. Some people’s genetics increase their likelihood of developing a herniated disc.

Those at high risk can work to prevent a herniated disk by exercising, maintaining good posture, and avoiding cigarettes.

Chiropractor examining man for Plantation herniated disc treatment

What to Expect During Your First Appointment for Herniated Disc Treatment

When you arrive at our office, our staff can begin assessing your condition to develop a treatment plan to decrease your pain. During your first visit, you can expect:

  • To fill out paperwork indicating the pain you are experiencing and what type of help you want from our facility.
  • A physical exam of your overall health and assessing where you are injured.
  • Our physicians can take a closer look at your injury by requesting imaging, such as x-rays, and performing other diagnostic tests.

Conducting a full physical health assessment can provide our physicians with information on how to develop your treatment plan best. After the first appointment, our team can begin creating your treatment plan. We can discuss your treatment plan when you return for a second appointment.

Different Herniated Disc Treatments We Offer in Plantation

Our physicians can perform a physical exam and look at x-rays to determine a treatment plan. Once we implement a treatment plan, we can monitor your progress to ensure the plan is showing improvement.

Herniated disc treatments we offer in Plantation include chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy.

Chiropractic Adjustments

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we can provide chiropractic adjustments to patients with herniated discs. We will first take x-rays to know the injury’s location. Our chiropractors are skilled in several methods of chiropractic adjustments and can provide the specialized care you need.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

According to the Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions, electrical stimulation significantly reduces pain and alleviates symptoms in patients suffering from herniated discs. This type of therapy uses intense pulses to target the affected area. In addition, electrical muscle stimulation helps people suffering from herniated discs regain muscle in their spine.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Our facility offers rehabilitation therapy. Based on your injury, we can help strengthen your spine and increase your range of motion. As a result, we can work to help you improve mobility and reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing.

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A herniated disc can cause pain and discomfort that affects your everyday life. The good news is that there are treatments to help alleviate the pain. Chiropractic care and other rehabilitation therapies have shown positive results in decreasing the pain associated with a herniated disc. These treatments effectively treat a herniated disc and can help patients avoid surgery.

Our goal at Specific Care Chiropractic is for our patients in Plantation and throughout South Florida to leave us feeling better and in less pain.

If you or a loved one suffers from mild to severe pain because of a herniated disc, our team can help. We can develop a treatment plan specific to you and your needs. Because we monitor our clients throughout treatment, we can adjust the plan to ensure you are receiving the best care and plan possible.

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