How Long Does It Take to Realign Your Spine?

How Long Does It Take to Realign Your Spine

Each body is different and will have its own needs and responses, so there is no set timeframe for how long it will take to realign your spine. One way to determine how long it will take to realign your spine and optimize your recovery is to see a chiropractic doctor. If you are suffering from aches and pains due to a misaligned spine, chiropractic care can help you start feeling and moving better.

Your treatment regimen will depend on your doctor, your condition at the time you seek treatment, and several unique-to-you factors. Every treatment plan will include a comprehensive physical exam and an honest conversation with your chiropractor. Care will also depend on the degree of your injury. Your doctor will assess the cause of your need for treatment—injury or other—and your physical agility.

How Does a Chiropractor Realign Your Spine?

No one can tell you exactly how long it will take to realign your spine without a thorough physical exam and a detailed review of your medical records. When a chiropractic physician develops a treatment plan for you, you can expect individualized care. They will request imaging exams and lab tests, as needed, to personalize the care you receive.

In general, steps to realign the spine include:

  • You will be made comfortable in the doctor’s office
  • Your healthcare provider will use their hands to apply a controlled amount of pressure to specific areas of your spine
  • A specialized medical device might be used with varying degrees of force

According to National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) guidelines, spinal alignment is prescribed to treat back pain, prolonged neck pain, chronic or repetitive headaches, and sciatica. Treatment could include multiple alignments per week and last for several weeks, depending on your condition.

Another factor that determines the length of your treatment includes your wellness goals. Discuss them with your physician right from the start. Doing so can help them determine how long it will take to realign your spine and foster overall good health.

Who Needs a Spinal Realignment?

A spinal realignment can help you cope with and find relief from many types of chronic aches and pain. If you routinely live with ongoing pain and have not found an effective way to alleviate it, a chiropractor can help. You might benefit from this integrative form of medicine if:

  • You rely heavily on painkillers
  • The wear pattern of your shoes is uneven
  • You frequently endure shin splints
  • You have an active lifestyle
  • Your daily activities involve repetitive motion
  • Your lifestyle is sedentary
  • You have frequent lower back pain
  • You suffered a traumatic injury

Any or all of these symptoms can be a sign of a misaligned spine. A chiropractor can help you find the relief you need with spinal realignment and other services.

What Additional Services Can a Chiropractor Provide?

In addition to realigning your spine, a chiropractor can offer many additional services that enhance your well-being. The corrective care they offer means you get regular monitoring and the services you receive can be fine-tuned to accommodate your ongoing improvement.

In addition to explaining how to realign your spine with chiropractic medicine, your healthcare team will explain complimentary services, which can include:

  • Massage to relieve muscle tension and spasm, improve circulation, and relieve headaches
  • Stretching to improve your strength and flexibility, strengthen your muscles, and increase your range of motion
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (E-STIM) to ease chronic inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms
  • Ultrasound therapy to foster healthy blood circulation and promote effective healing of damaged tissue

You may not require all of these services. The chiropractor who treats you will carefully assess your condition before, during, and after your spinal alignment. They will make adjustments to your treatment plan along the way to achieve maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Recovery Can Involve Multiple Phases of Rehabilitation

Chiropractic treatments can help you live a healthy lifestyle. Whether it starts because of an injury or because you have difficulty moving comfortably for any reason, rehabilitation and recovery typically happen in phases, including:

  • Acute phase: The start of treatment which will include adjustments, stretches, and massage therapy. It eases you into the treatment phase and starts offering comfort and relief.
  • Rehab phase: This stage of treatment focuses on increasing your range of motion and improving joint function. It includes everything in the acute phase and adds light exercise to the scope of treatment.
  • Strengthening phase: Care at this stage will focus on final corrective adjustments that offer continual improvement in joint function and reduced nerve irritation. It also includes a more strenuous stretching and strengthening regimen.

You will be monitored at every phase of rehab and throughout your treatment. Once you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI), you should be living largely, if not wholly, without pain. Your chiropractor may suggest a lighter treatment protocol that includes maintenance, rather than routine treatment.

What Are the Health Benefits of Chiropractic Medicine?

What Are the Health Benefits of Chiropractic Medicine

An integrative form of medicine, chiropractic treatments help your body treat and heal itself. Benefits of the treatment include:

  • Reduces the need for prescription medications
  • Relieves your body of toxins and gases
  • Promotes relaxation and better sleep habits
  • Relieves pain and tension and improves blood flow
  • Promotes improved balance and coordination

Your chiropractor can treat more than a misaligned spine. According to Cleveland Clinic guidelines, chiropractic care can treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, and your body’s nervous system. Whole-body wellness means you feel good from head to toe and your body starts to function with greater ease and comfort. You can enjoy a healthy, fit lifestyle.

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