Hollywood Neck Injury Treatment

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our physicians create individualized treatment plans for patients with pain, stiffness, and other symptoms due to a neck injury. Our team can prescribe Hollywood neck injury treatment that includes chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques. We believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness, and want you to be stronger than before your injuries occurred. 

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Our Physicians Prescribe Treatment for Various Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can vary greatly in severity. Some patients simply have nagging pain and discomfort from sleeping in a bad position, while others have spinal cord injuries that limit movement and sensation from the neck down. Our physicians understand these injuries and how to address them, as well as all the possible injuries in between. 

Some of the most common neck injuries we see include: 

  • Whiplash from traffic accidents
  • Neck sprains and strains
  • Herniated discs causing pain and nerve damage
  • Pinched nerves
  • Neck fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries

We can assess your injuries and determine whether they are something we can address through our chiropractic care or physiotherapy techniques. If you do not have a diagnosis yet, we can determine the cause of your pain and other symptoms based on tests conducted during your initial intake examination.

Our Physicians Create Neck Injury Treatment Plans in Hollywood, FL

The Specific Care Chiropractic team prescribes treatments, techniques, adjustments, and services to address your unique needs. First, however, we need to understand your injuries, symptoms, and other details about your health. To learn as much as possible about your neck injury, we’ll give you an intake exam during your first visit to our office. 

This examination entails: 

  • Answering questions about your condition, symptoms, health history, and other relevant details 
  • X-rays and other imaging scans
  • Other tests and screenings
  • A physical exam of your neck

Once we complete this exam, we can begin planning your treatment. This could include several chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy techniques. Your course of treatment will depend heavily on your injuries and symptoms. For instance, someone with a herniated disc will need different treatment than someone with whiplash. 

You can count on our physicians to prescribe the best treatments for you. At every session, we’ll assess your progress and any changes we see, adjust your treatment, and continue to tailor it to your needs as time passes. This could mean adding therapies or eliminating certain treatments when you no longer need them. 

Our goal is to help every patient reduce or eliminate their pain, rebuild strength and flexibility, and leave our care stronger and healthier. 


Prescribed Treatments for Neck Injuries in Hollywood, FL

While every treatment plan is different, we use some of the same types of care for many patients with neck injuries. If you enlist our physicians’ help with your Hollywood neck injury, you could undergo some of the following chiropractic adjustments or therapies: 

Chiropractic Adjustments 

Our chiropractors use many techniques to address issues with the cervical spine. These adjustments help realign the neck vertebrae to provide pain relief, ease of movement, and reduced stiffness. During your treatment, a physician from our team will position you and apply pressure to your head, neck, or back to produce the desired effect. 

They often use their hands for adjustments, although we provide more targeted manipulation using a small, hand-held device called an activator. This is a common adjustment for herniated discs. 

Rehabilitative Therapy

Rehabilitative therapy provided by our physiotherapists can encompass a wide range of activities and exercises. The prescribed therapy is tailored to your unique needs. This physical therapy focuses on regaining lost strength and range of motion. We also sometimes focus on relearning to manage specific tasks during rehabilitative therapy. This is common in patients who have lasting disabilities because of their neck injuries.

Stretching and Strengthening Therapy

After we rehabilitate our patients through their initial therapy, we want them to continue to strengthen and increase their flexibility beyond what it was when their injury occurred. This is important after a neck injury as there is a high risk of further injuries following initial damage to the vertebrae, soft tissues, and other nearby structures.

This type of therapy typically consists of several exercises patients complete with our physiotherapists in the rehab room and continue to do at home according to a certain schedule.

Additional Therapies

Our physicians often prescribe other therapies that provide additional benefits for our clients. These include massage, electrical muscle stimulation (E-STIM), and ultrasound therapy. These options can release tension, relax your body, and decrease stiffness, providing increased flexibility and motion.

These therapies also encourage healing by promoting blood flow to the affected area. E-STIM has a documented history of helping restore nerve pathways following injuries and nerve damage. 

Our Team Provides Documentation of Injuries for Civil Cases

We often find that our patients suffered neck injuries in a crash, workplace injury, or another similar event. If this happened to you, our physicians can work with your attorney and provide the necessary documents about your diagnosis and care. 

If you are pursuing a civil case or have a workers’ compensation injury, we want to help you recover from the damages you endured both physically and psychologically. We know that getting money to cover your medical care and other expenses is essential to this process. 


Talk to Our Team About Your Hollywood, FL Neck Injury Treatment

Specific Care Chiropractic is currently accepting new patients. Our team can diagnose, treat, and manage your neck injury and symptoms. We will create a personalized treatment plan using chiropractic care and physiotherapy to alleviate your pain and help you heal. 

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