Fort Lauderdale Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis can cause lifelong back pain, whether you were born with the condition or developed it later in life. One way to treat scoliosis is through chiropractic care, which may involve manipulating the spine, teaching you new exercises, or another form of treatment that’s right for you.

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What Scoliosis Is and How to Treat It

Johns Hopkins Medicine defines scoliosis as an S- or C-shaped curvature of the spine that is at least a 10-degree deviation from the spine’s normal, straight position. Some people are born with scoliosis, while others develop it later on due to arthritis or another condition. Many patients never find out what caused their scoliosis, but this doesn’t mean we can’t treat it.

There are multiple ways to treat scoliosis, depending on:

  • How old you are
  • How serious the curvature is
  • Whether or not you have other health conditions

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive method of treating scoliosis. It may help reduce your pain on its own or in conjunction with other types of treatment, such as surgery. A doctor from Specific Care Chiropractic would be happy to determine what treatment regimen is right for you and work with your other doctors to ensure you receive appropriate care.

Scoliosis Treatments We Offer

We offer our Fort Lauderdale scoliosis patients two main types of treatment: chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy.

Chiropractic Adjustments

This treatment is also called chiropractic manipulation or spinal manipulation. We can move your spine in ways that help push the vertebrae back into alignment. This corrects the curve created by scoliosis and reduces symptoms associated with it.

There are several different kinds of chiropractic adjustments we can use based on how serious your condition is and which area of your back is most impacted.


This type of treatment focuses on strengthening your body in a way that eases scoliosis symptoms, either by providing proper treatment or by giving you the knowledge to reduce pain on your own. Some of the physiotherapy treatments we offer include:

  • Stretches and other exercises that strengthen and reduce pain in the affected area
  • Massage to reduce tension and improve your body’s ability to heal
  • Ultrasound therapy to promote the development of healthier tissue

In addition, if you need rehabilitative physical therapy after an operation, we can provide that too. Our team can help you rebuild your strength and range of motion following corrective surgery.

Chiropractor examining a child for Fort Lauderdale scoliosis treatment

Identifying the Right Scoliosis Treatment for You

With so many treatments available, how do you know which treatment (or combination of treatments) is best for you? At Specific Care Chiropractic, part of our job is to carefully evaluate each patient before recommending any sort of treatment. Here’s how we work to ensure everyone receives appropriate care:

Making a Diagnosis

When you come in for your first appointment, you will speak to your doctor about your scoliosis. We want to know everything you do about the condition and more, including:

  • When you first started feeling pain
  • What treatments, if any, you have already tried
  • What other doctors have said about your scoliosis
  • Whether there are any positions or activities that make your pain worse

We can also fill in the gaps in your knowledge by ordering specific tests to tell us more about your back pain.

Based on what you tell us, your medical records, and your test results, we can determine:

  • How serious your scoliosis is
  • If chiropractic medicine can help you
  • What specific types of treatments you may benefit from

Discussing Options With You

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which treatments you want to try. There is no right or wrong way to make this decision. It is up to you to weigh the following factors:

  • What results you want
  • How soon you want to see results
  • Which treatment sounds the best to you
  • The cost of each treatment

We would, of course, be happy to offer our own advice and suggestions on how to proceed. If you feel intimidated by an option, we can go over it step by step to “demystify” the procedure.

Determining Your Payment Options

Your treatment costs will depend on:

  • What kind(s) of care you need
  • Whether or not the treatment is covered by your insurance
  • How long you have to continue treatment
  • Whether or not you have health insurance

If you have insurance, your policy will probably cover at least some of your Fort Lauderdale scoliosis treatment costs. Your doctor can go over the potential cost of treatment with you, including the possibility that you will require more treatment than initially predicted.

If you do not have health insurance, we can come up with a payment plan that fits your budget.

Working With Your Other Doctors

If you are one of the scoliosis patients who require more than just chiropractic treatment, we would be happy to work with your other healthcare providers to give you the best overall care. We can:

  • Send them the medical records we have about your treatment with us
  • Compare their recommendations with ours to ensure all of your treatments work together
  • Coordinate appointments—for example, making sure you come in for rehabilitation at the right time after surgery

Our goal is to see you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI)—in other words, to improve as much as you can and live your best possible life. Whether we can help you do that alone or in conjunction with others, at Specific Care Chiropractic, we want to see you well and will work hard to make that happen.

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