Work Injury Treatment in Cape Coral

If you sustained an injury on the job, our work injury treatment in Cape Coral can help you recover your health. Work injuries can vary widely from minor soft tissue injuries to spinal damage and head injuries.

Specific Care Chiropractic’s work injury treatment in Cape Coral can address various conditions caused by workplace activities. We handle both acute and chronic injuries with comprehensive chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment plans. Each treatment regimen is uniquely designed to address your specific condition and needs. If your injury requires specialized care, we will coordinate with your surgeon, neurologist, or other specialist to ensure maximum medical improvement. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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Types of Workplace Injuries We Can Treat in Cape Coral

Since work settings differ widely, the types of injuries you could sustain on the job are equally diverse. Injuries can range from carpal tunnel due to repetitive motion to traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage from a fall.

Work injuries we can treat in our Cape Coral office include:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Muscle sprains and strains
  • Herniated discs
  • Back and neck pain and injury
  • Tendonitis, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Extremity injuries
  • Problems with balance and mobility

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we aim to help you fully recover from workplace injuries so you return to your daily life in better health than when you were injured. We understand that even minor injuries can be debilitating and stressful, which is why we focus on thorough, personalized treatment for every patient’s unique needs. Our comprehensive approach aims to address pain, discomfort, and mobility issues while also treating the underlying cause.

For severe injuries such as broken bones, spinal injury, and head trauma, we also work closely with your doctor or specialist to create a safe, effective rehabilitation plan.

Work Injury Treatment in Cape Coral

Effective Work Injury Treatments in Cape Coral

Work injuries can create serious complications in your day-to-day life. They may prevent you from working or engaging in your normal daily activities. Specific Care Chiropractic’s licensed and trained chiropractors and physiotherapists can establish a constructive treatment plan to address your pain and help you recover as quickly as possible.

During your first appointment, a licensed physician will conduct a physical examination and review your medical records to establish the location, severity, and extent of your injuries. We may also conduct a series of diagnostic tests and take X-rays to identify the source of your discomfort.

Based on the results of our examination, we will create a personalized treatment plan of combined chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy services. Our goal is to reduce your pain and inflammation while healing your injury so you can enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life. We accomplish this through strengthening exercises, stretches, corrective care, and complementary treatments.

As your work injury recovery progresses, we regularly reassess your condition to ensure the most effective treatment. Our team modifies and updates your treatment plan over time, progressively incorporating strengthening exercises and stretches to enhance your musculoskeletal strength and reduce the potential for reinjury. Call today to learn more.

How Our Cape Coral Physiotherapists and Chiropractors Treat Work Injuries

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our primary concern is helping our patients recover from their injuries so they can return to their daily lives. We know that a workplace injury can be especially challenging due to the potential for reinjury. We take a holistic, evidence-based approach to all our chiropractic and physiotherapy services with a focus on rehabilitation and reinjury prevention.

Your work injury rehabilitation plan may include the following physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments.

Physiotherapy Treatments for Work Injuries

The skilled physical therapists at Specific Care Chiropractic are licensed and trained in a variety of physiotherapy treatments and methods. To help you recover as fully as possible, we may incorporate any of the following treatments into your personalized treatment plan:

  • Flexibility and stretching exercises: We prescribe exercises designed to enhance your mobility by stretching the affected joints and muscles. Targeted movements and stretches can help you regain your full range of motion in the affected area while helping to prevent similar injuries in the future.
  • Strengthening exercises: We address muscle and skeletal weakness and assign specific exercises to strengthen those areas. Over time, we may add resistance bands and weights to enhance your strength and avoid reinjury.
  • Gait training: If your workplace injuries involved nerve injury or muscle damage, particularly to the legs, we may assign gait training. Gait training helps establish a healthy walking gait, strengthens the affected muscles, and helps you regain full mobility.
  • Balance exercises: Work injuries that cause head and spinal damage can affect your balance and coordination. We can assign a variety of exercises to enhance your strength, coordination, and balance so you can move safely with confidence.
  • Electrical stimulation (E-STIM): Electrical stimulation (E-STIM) therapy is a complementary therapy that uses targeted low-energy electrical impulses to stimulate circulation in the injured area. E-STIM encourages blood flow to the affected tissues, reducing inflammation and speeding the healing process.
  • Ultrasound therapy: During ultrasound therapy treatments, we direct sound waves outside the range of hearing toward the injured areas. These waves increase circulation and lower inflammation, which helps your injuries heal faster.
  • Massage therapy: Our licensed massage therapists gently but firmly manipulate sore and tense muscles using various techniques and tools. Massage therapy helps reduce pain and muscle tension while also enhancing circulation to speed healing.

Chiropractic Treatments for Work Injuries

Studies have established that evidence-based chiropractic treatment effectively treats a variety of conditions, including neck and back pain, head pain, and joint discomfort. Targeted chiropractic adjustments can modify the pain response and improve mobility, thereby enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

Specific Care Chiropractic’s licensed chiropractors apply pressure to realign the spinal column and affected joints. When used in conjunction with our physical therapy services, chiropractic adjustments help speed healing and rehabilitation while reducing the potential for reinjury.

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we aim to help you recover fully from your workplace injuries. Our attentive medical staff focuses on improving your current condition while addressing the underlying issues so you can return to your life in better health than before your injury.

Expert Treatment From Work Injury Chiropractors and Physiotherapists in Cape Coral

The expert chiropractors and physiotherapists at Specific Care Chiropractic are dedicated to ensuring clients receive superior medical care for their workplace injury treatments. We understand that your difficulties may be more than just physical, which is why we document your treatment for use in a workers’ compensation claim, insurance claim, and personal injury lawsuit.

Our staff has helped many patients gather medical evidence to support their insurance claims or lawsuits. We can provide critical medical documentation for your work injury case, including:

  • X-rays and imaging
  • Test results
  • Medical records and doctor’s notes
  • Medical expert testimony
  • Detailed treatment plans
  • Billing details and invoicing

Our team can help you understand how insurance company claims and workers’ compensation claims can apply to your treatment. If you need legal aid for your work injury, we can recommend some local personal injury lawyers who have helped other patients of ours.

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