Cape Coral Soft Kinesio Taping Therapy and Rehabilitation

Soft Kinesio taping therapy might be prescribed as a part of your comprehensive care plan to heal injuries and improve your overall health for the future. Kinesio tape, also known as kinesiology tape, K-Tape, or Kinesio Tex Tape, is a special therapeutic tape that our therapists in Cape Coral apply for ongoing injury recovery.

When used to treat an injury, pain, or inflammation, Kinesio tape can provide support, reduce pain and swelling, and even improve performance. It can stabilize healing joints and increase blood flow to healing muscles.

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What Is Cape Coral Soft Kinesio Taping Therapy?

Cape Coral Soft Kinesio Taping Therapy and Rehabilitation

You have probably seen Kinesio tape on a favorite professional athlete. These athletes have their shoulders, elbows, arms, ankles, and knees wrapped in colorful strips of tape.

But Kinesio tape is not your ordinary athletic tape. It is designed to be therapeutic, providing several benefits without limiting movement or range of motion. The tape itself is made of cotton and nylon and moves as a second skin, thanks to the medical-grade adhesive.

It is not only elite athletes who benefit from soft Kinesio taping. High school football players don’t only use it because their NCAA and NFL counterparts do. There are many benefits to this therapeutic solution, including:

  • Providing light compression to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Offering support to injured or weakened joints
  • Preventing joint injuries
  • Reducing pain
  • Increasing blood flow to the injured area

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we use soft Kinesio taping therapy as support for other physiotherapies and techniques when we treat patients. Our patients range from athletes with sports injuries to seniors with arthritis. We may also use taping to support joints while we rehabilitate you following surgery.

How Cape Coral Kinesio Taping Therapy With Specific Care Chiropractic Works

Kinesio taping requires understanding how the tape must be applied with your goal in mind. There are numerous techniques we can prescribe, each with its own uses. Our experienced physical therapists know how to properly apply the tape based on each patient’s needs. Once applied, the tape usually stays in place for up to five days.

If necessary, your therapist can show you how to reapply the tape in the correct pattern. There are a number of tips and tricks they can teach you to make this process easier. They might even advise you about using the tape when you are playing sports or taking part in recreational activities later.

Usually, we do not prescribe ongoing taping for most patients. We see it as a temporary therapy that provides benefits while we heal and rehabilitate an injury. By correcting the underlying problem, the patient can become stronger than they were before the injury and may no longer need the tape.

When Is Cape Coral Soft Kinesio Taping Rehabilitation Prescribed?

The Specific Care Chiropractic team prescribes soft Kinesio tape therapy for a wide range of patients undergoing care at our Cape Coral office. We use it as a part of treatment for several conditions, including:

  • Patellofemoral stress syndrome
  • IT band friction syndrome
  • Achilles tendonitis

When rehabilitating sports or accident injuries, we often prescribe it:

  • In addition to other complementary therapies to reduce pain and swelling
  • As support during physical therapy and strength building
  • To prevent further injuries during treatment
  • To aid healing by increasing blood flow in the area
  • To provide support as the patient returns to their regular activities

It even has some benefits for patients who suffered a brain injury, stroke, or cognitive concerns. The tape helps us retrain muscles, improve gait, protect joints, and rebuild strength.

What Are the Possible Contraindications for Kinesio Taping Therapy?

Under some circumstances, K-Tape can be harmful to patients. Kinesio tape should not be applied under certain conditions. There are several types of Kinesio tape on the market, and our therapists will evaluate which—if any—are an option for you.

Some reasons why we might hesitate to prescribe Kinesio taping during your treatment and rehabilitation include:

  • Open wounds: K-Tape is not a good option for areas with open wounds or other skin damage. It cannot be used near fresh incisions following surgery. This could cause infections or injury.
  • Blood clots: Kinesio tape could increase the likelihood of a blood clot dislodging in those with deep vein thrombosis.
  • Cancer: This tape increases blood flow to the area where it is applied, which could have negative outcomes for patients with cancer.
  • Neuropathy: We generally do not recommend Kinesio tape for patients with diabetes or other conditions that cause neuropathy.
  • Allergies: People with sensitive skin may be allergic to the adhesives used on one or several types of Kinesio tape.
  • Fragile skin: Those with fragile skin should not use Kinesio tape. The adhesives are strong and could tear or otherwise injure thin, fragile skin.

Our doctors will determine if Kinesio taping therapy is right for you when we create your care plan. If there are any contraindications, we will consider alternatives to treat your medical condition.

Discuss Your Options for Cape Coral Kinesio Taping Therapy With Our Team

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