Cape Coral Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy and Rehabilitation

Cape Coral soft tissue mobilization therapy is one treatment our practitioners may prescribe and apply to help patients recover from pain, inflammation, and soft tissue injuries. Used in conjunction with physical therapy and other techniques, our team helps patients recover, rehabilitate, and prevent future injuries.

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we aim to deliver excellent care that benefits the well-being of our patients. If you have an injury or chronic pain, let us assess your options and determine the most ideal way to address them. Call us today to get started: (239) 369-9109. We can explain how the services we offer in Cape Coral may benefit you.

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What Is Cape Coral Soft Tissue Mobilization Rehabilitation?

Soft tissue mobilization, sometimes called STM, applies several specialized techniques to increase blood flow, reduce pain and inflammation, break up scar tissue, and help soft tissues heal from injuries. Trained therapists conduct this manual therapy using their hands or tools to help them apply the deep pressure appropriately and effectively.

The goals of this stretching and pressure therapy are to relax tense muscles and break up rigid areas of soft tissue to allow for better movement, healing, and range of motion. When our therapists use the correct techniques based on your needs, soft tissue mobilization can allow you to optimize muscle function, especially after an injury.

We apply soft tissue mobilization technique to muscles, ligaments, and fascia, aiming to:

  • Break down or avoid adhesions and scar tissue
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Restore the body part to its previous functionality or better
  • Reduce the risk of future injuries

Some people compare these treatments to a deep tissue massage. Our therapists employ numerous proven techniques on the affected area of the body, including pushing, pulling, and kneading the muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.

Learning to perform STM requires extensive training and practice. Our Cape Coral therapists are experienced and qualified to help you during your healing process.

How We Help Patients With Cape Coral Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy

Cape Coral Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy and Rehabilitation

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our therapists specialize in assessing and treating many types of injuries and issues that cause pain, inflammation, limited range of motion, and other concerns. We employ a wide range of strategies to provide pain management, using what we learn during their initial exam to formulate an individualized care plan for them.

Soft tissue mobilization is one of the therapies we might prescribe to address concerns as a part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. We often use STM in conjunction with traditional physiotherapy techniques. Our team also helps patients manage symptoms with massage, ultrasound, infrared light, and other complementary therapies that work in conjunction with the treatment they receive from our team.

From your initial consultation with our team and throughout the rehabilitation process, we are here for you. We will use ongoing assessments to ensure you are receiving the treatment you need, making progress, and improving your overall quality of life.

Specific Care Chiropractic Can Help You Heal From the Injuries You Suffered in Cape Coral

The Specific Care Chiropractic team aims to help you live a healthier, stronger life. Our team prescribes therapies that include physical therapy and chiropractic care to address your needs in a holistic, non-invasive, and effective way. Our focus is on pain relief and pain prevention.

We believe it is often possible to achieve and maintain health without life-long medications, surgery, or other invasive treatments. When surgery is necessary, we can help you rehabilitate and rebuild strength to ensure you are stronger than you were before your injury. We may even be able to reduce the risk of further issues in the future.

We develop care plans specifically for each patient, addressing their needs and providing the therapies necessary to help them recover and thrive. You do not have to live in chronic pain. Let our team help identify the treatment plan that can help you.

What Do We Prescribe Cape Coral Soft Tissue Mobilization Rehabilitation to Treat?

When someone suffers a soft tissue injury, the affected muscles can develop stiff scar tissue. Soft tissue mobilization techniques reduce this scar tissue, breaking it up. This allows tense muscles to relax, stretches and lengthens them, and improves range of motion, which reduces the risk of further injuries. STM is a conservative treatment that is safe for most patients.

We often prescribe soft tissue mobilization as a part of therapy when patients are recovering from sports injuries, auto accidents, on-the-job injuries, falls, and more. Soft tissue mobilization might be effective for injuries that include:

Muscle Tightness

One of the most common reasons we prescribe STM is for muscle, joint, and tissue tightness. When soft tissues are tight and short, it makes it difficult to move like your body should. In addition, it increases your risk of hurting the affected muscles or nearby structures.

Back and Neck Pain

We often prescribe STM when patients come to us with back or neck pain. In addition to chiropractic care and other physiotherapy techniques, STM can address pain, inflammation, and stiffness caused by back injuries or whiplash.

Sprains and Strains

STM is part of our rehabilitation program for muscle strains. It increases blood flow to aid healing, reduces pain and swelling, and prevents the muscles from forming stiff, tight scar tissue that would later need additional treatment to regain a normal range of motion.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We sometimes prescribe STM as a part of carpal tunnel syndrome therapy. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by inflammation in the soft tissues of the lower arm, wrist, and hand. STM, along with other therapies, can reduce this inflammation and eliminate symptoms.

Knee and Hip Pain

STM can be effective for knee and hip pain related to injuries, surgery, overuse, or arthritis. We prescribe it as part of a plan to treat the issue and strengthen the joint to reduce the risk of future injuries.

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