Boca Raton Neck Injury Treatment

At some point, we will suffer from neck pain. Usually, we can get back to normal in a few days with rest and over-the-counter medication. However, if the pain persists, it’s best to consider more treatment options. If you or your family member sustained a neck injury in Boca Raton, a physician at Specific Care Chiropractic can evaluate your condition and design a treatment plan for you.

We use different chiropractic care and physiotherapy techniques to help alleviate the pain. Depending on the severity of your condition, we will recommend you undergo massage therapy, rehabilitation, and corrective care. You can find out more about our services when you call to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors for Boca Raton neck injury treatment.

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Types of Neck Injuries We Treat in Boca Raton

Patients come to us when they’re suffering from neck pain that stems from a plethora of causes. They may have been in a traffic collision, a slip and fall, or a work accident. It’s also possible that they had bad posture, hurt themselves during exercise, or slept in an abnormal position.

We treat all kinds of neck injuries, such as:

When you meet with us for your first appointment, we may take X-rays and conduct other screenings to identify the injury. From there, we can form a treatment plan that works to alleviate the pain and heal the injury.

Common Signs of a Neck Injury

You may have incurred a neck injury if you’re experiencing:

  • Tightness or stiffness in your neck
  • Chronic pain
  • Restricted mobility or function
  • Headaches or migraines

Don’t ignore these signs. Failure to promptly address this pain could lead to long-term complications, such as paralysis.

Neck Injury Treatments Our Chiropractors Use

We have our patients undergo different types of neck injury treatments, such as:

  • Corrective Care: This technique includes chiropractic adjustments.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-STIM) Therapy: We use a tool that shoots electrical pulses around your neck to help repair damaged tissue. This method is especially beneficial for those who make repetitive motions or have bad posture.
  • Massage Therapy: One of our massage therapists can help your muscles relax and reduce spasms and tension while encouraging functionality and flexibility in your neck.
  • Rehabilitative Therapy: We’ll teach you different exercises using exercise balls, free weights, and vibration plates so that you can regain strength in your neck.
  • Ultrasound Therapy: This method involves shooting sound waves into the neck to rebuild tissue and encourage better blood flow in the area.

Our doctors will teach you exercises and other therapeutic techniques you can practice at home so that you can get back to living pain-free.

Rehabilitation Phases for Neck Injury Treatments

In general, there are four phases of the neck injury treatment process:

Acute Phase

Your doctor will target the source of the neck pain to help relieve it as much as possible. They’ll probably make chiropractic adjustments and lessen any nerve irritation.

Rehab Phase

Don’t worry about experiencing flare-ups, as that’s part of the recovery process. It also means that your body is healing and regaining function, mobility, and strength. Depending on your progress, your physician may teach you exercises and perform a more intense treatment to improve the strength of your joints and muscles.

Runner with neck pain, concept of Boca Raton neck injury treatment

Strengthening Phase

This stage occurs when you’re starting to feel as you did before your injury. Here is when your treatment intensifies. Your physician will make final chiropractic adjustments and have you do more rigorous exercises with resistance, weights, and longer sessions.

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

Your treatment is over. You should be back to normal by this stage and resume your regular activities.

If you want to help maintain your pain-free state, we encourage you to come see us for adjustments and therapy every once in a while.

Studies Show the Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy for Neck Injuries

Researchers studied how chiropractic care and physiotherapy have helped neck injury patients.

For example, in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, the study observed three patients complaining of neck pain. They underwent chiropractic management with physiotherapy, cervical manipulation procedures, bracing, traction, and exercises. The researchers found that these patients responded well to these treatments.

Another study looked into the importance of getting medical attention for neck injuries, especially whiplash. BMC Public Health found that even five years after an accident, those who delayed or didn’t seek medical treatment had a poorer quality of life than those who saw a doctor or didn’t sustain whiplash.

Our Doctors Will Work With Your Personal Injury Attorney

Many of our patients are victims of personal injury incidents. Our doctors can partner with your lawyer to help you secure compensation for your medical treatment costs and pain and suffering.

We can show documentation of:

  • Imaging scans results
  • Our testimony of the severity of your neck injury and prognosis
  • Your treatment plan and your progress

If you have not connected with a lawyer, we can refer you to one in our network.

Our Chiropractors Have Been Helping Neck Injury Patients for Over 20 Years

Our physicians will work to design a treatment regimen that meets your unique needs. Our reviews reflect the success of this personalized approach:

“The folks here are all great. They’re friendly, courteous, and respectful. They all seem to try to do whatever they can to make your experience as pleasant as possible. They have great communication and explain what they’re doing and why. Everybody that’s there seems to honestly enjoy their job and interacting with their clients. Top notch folks there.. You wont go wrong choosing to go there.” —Tony S.

“No one has done it better than Specific Care Chiropractor. They will educate you and will put together a plan to improve the Quality of life for you. I highly recommended Specific Care Chiropractor.” —Richard W.

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