Pembroke Pines Muscle Strain Treatment

A muscle strain can negatively affect your daily life, whether the injury is mild or acute. For those living in Pembroke Pines, muscle strain treatment is available at Specific Care Chiropractic for all levels of injury. We offer a combination of chiropractic and physiotherapeutic methods to care for muscle strains. Call us to set up an appointment today by calling (239) 369-9109.


Why Consider Specific Care Chiropractic for Muscle Strains in Pembroke Pines, FL?

We want to cultivate lifelong health in our patients. To do that, we discuss your hopes for future wellness even as we confront your present challenges. 

With us, you receive:

  • Care from experienced physicians on staff
  • A preventative care approach to health
  • Non-invasive tactics for pain management
  • A whole-body wellness perspective


We Provide Diagnostic Care

Not all soft tissue injuries show up on diagnostic imaging. Still, we take X-rays or other scans to make sure we understand the extent of your injury.

Even if something doesn’t show up on a scan, we don’t dismiss your pain or symptoms. The physical evaluation and questionnaire are just as crucial in diagnosing your injury. We want to know:

  • What happened when you suffered the strain
  • How long your symptoms have persisted
  • The actions or movements causing or affecting your pain
  • How the injury interferes with daily activities
  • If you feel other possibly-related symptoms 

Even if you don’t fit a classical set of symptoms, we can determine what we can do to help. 

We Study Your Injury’s Cause

Muscle strains can occur due to: 

  • Sports
  • Repetitive motion
  • Trauma
  • Moving wrong

For example, if your job involves making a specific hand motion, your hand might suffer stress, causing strain. Sports involving throwing can cause strains in the elbow or shoulder. Car accidents and other traumatic situations can also strain muscles. 

You may come to us with a muscle strain that you can’t trace to a source. Our Pembroke Pines team can delve into your lifestyle and recent experiences to understand the cause. 


We Provide Targeted Treatment Plans

Our muscle strain treatment plans for Pembroke Pines patients focus on practicality. If you suffered a repetitive motion injury at work, we know the solution isn’t to quit your job. Likewise, if you love golf, the answer isn’t to quit playing. Instead, we find a way to rehabilitate you and develop methods to avoid getting hurt again. 


We Help With Workers’ Compensation Cases

Muscle strains can happen on the job. If that applies to you, we can provide the necessary documentation for a workers’ compensation claim or legal case. Ask us if you need:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Medical records
  • Treatment plans
  • Billing records 
  • Paperwork on your prognosis
  • Testimony 

We want you to receive the care you need. If that means participating in a claim or lawsuit, we are here to help. 


Types of Muscle Strains and How They Are Treated

As the Mayo Clinic explains, muscle strains affect the muscle itself or the connective tissue that binds a muscle to bone. Strains can vary in severity. We determine the level of strain you suffered to build a foundation for your care. 

Mild Strains

Often treated at home, these strains can still benefit from physical therapy to rebuild strength. We can also find ways to prevent a strain from happening again. 

Acute Strains

These can prevent you from using the affected area at all, which could significantly impact your ability to get around, work, or take care of yourself. 

Once we treat the initial pain and inflammation, we tackle acute strains with a combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy. 

Chronic Pain

Some strains are long-term, especially in the case of repetitive motion strains. We can develop a program to finally tamp down the inflammation using therapies that help relax muscles and relieve pain. 

Since chronic strains often occur because of poor body mechanics, our treatment can focus on retraining you to move in ways that won’t cause harm. 


Pain Management Options for Muscle Strains

At our clinic, we address pain in Pembroke Pines patients using muscle strain treatments like:   

  • Massage therapy
  • E-STIM
  • Ultrasound therapy

Muscle strains are sometimes called “pulled” muscles, which feel tight and sore. Massage therapy loosens up tensed muscles, forcing them to relax and promoting blood flow. That can make it easier to do other physiotherapy exercises. 

E-STIM stands for electrical muscle stimulation. This therapy sends electrical pulses into the muscle, helping it relax and heal. Additionally, according to Healthline, E-STIM therapy can help strengthen muscles.

As MedCrave Online Journal of Sports Medicine notes, ultrasound is one of the most common therapies for treating muscle strains. The heat that ultrasound produces can stimulate blood flow to injured areas, relieving pain and assisting healing. 

Rebuilding Your Strength After a Muscle Strain

Imagine your injury is from the wrong path being cut or worn into the ground. If the previous pain management treatments were about paving over that wrong path, physical therapy treatments are about cutting a new, correct path. 

Stretching and Strengthening Physiotherapy

We create plans to not only get you moving but get you moving correctly. Stretches keep you limber, so a strain is less likely to occur. We also work on strengthening your muscles to reinforce new body mechanics. 

Adjusting Care to Your Progress

The path to wellness isn’t always a straight, even line. Our physicians and staff, therefore, conduct regular assessments and check-ins, asking about new or renewed pain and other challenges. We then adjust accordingly. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Muscle Strains in Pembroke Pines

You may assume chiropractic care is for bones, but adjustments can also assist with muscular pain. We may use adjustments like:

  • Sacral-occipital technique
  • Toggle recoil 
  • Knee-chest adjustments
  • Side and seated adjustments

If you don’t know what those are, don’t worry—we explain every technique before we use it to make sure you know what we are doing and why. 

Chiropractic Tools We Use

To provide us with better control and precision in treating you, we may utilize tools like:

  • An activator – a handheld device that allows more control over specific adjustments
  • Thompson drop-table – a table that can help facilitate certain manipulations

Treat Your Muscle Strain and Prevent Future Ones With Our Help

Call Specific Care Chiropractic now at (239) 369-9109 or fill out our online form to take the first steps toward less pain, more strength, and future wellness. We provide adaptable muscle strain treatment for Pembroke Pines patients. Learn more today when you connect with us.