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Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, has long been used to treat physical injuries and health conditions. Administered properly, it can reduce pain, increase mobility, and strengthen muscles and joints.

At Specific Care Chiropractic, we help our clients take control of their health and well-being. Our Davie physiotherapy services aim to provide flexible, curated assistance for accident victims and individuals who suffer from acute and chronic pain.

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What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy uses physical stimuli such as ultrasound, electrical currents, pressure, heat, or cold compresses to treat your muscles, joints, bones, and other affected body parts. It can also incorporate massage, exercises, and stretches that target problem areas.

Our physicians may use physiotherapy to treat acute conditions stemming from falls, impacts, and overuse. Those with chronic conditions such as scoliosis, arthritis, and neurological diseases may also benefit from this care.

Generally speaking, physiotherapy can enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance. This, in turn, helps you to recover more quickly from surgery, long-term medical issues, or injuries. It can also improve your circulation, reduce the impact of aging and disability, and restore coordination.

Types of Physiotherapy We Offer in Davie, FL

Whether you suffered a car accident injury or contend with daily pain from a chronic condition, physiotherapy can be an invaluable tool. Through practiced professional care, physiotherapy can help you recover from your injuries and improve your overall quality of life.

Our licensed and trained physiotherapists are well-versed in administering various treatment methods, including the following.

Massage Therapy

With massage therapy, a massage therapist applies controlled pressure to the body’s soft tissues. By manipulating these tissues, the therapist can relax the muscles. Massage can be an effective pain treatment for lower and mid-back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and headaches.

Rehabilitation Exercises

When you suffer from a neck injury, you can lose mobility. Our therapists can establish a regimen of rehabilitative exercise specifically designed to reestablish your strength, balance, and flexibility.

Strengthening Exercises and Stretches

You may also benefit from strengthening exercises to rebuild your muscle functionality and stability after a spinal injury.

Using X-rays and advanced diagnostic techniques, we can determine the most suitable exercises to treat your back pain or injury. Our team may also provide you with the necessary training to complete these exercises at home.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-STIM)

Electrical muscle stimulation (E-STIM) involves placing electrodes on the affected tissues and running a light electrical current through them. This stimulation is gentle and promotes muscle repair and regrowth. E-STIM also helps reduce involuntary muscle contractions and spasms.

Ultrasound Therapy

Similar to E-STIM, ultrasound uses small bursts of energy to improve muscle repair and reduce pain from muscular injuries. Sound waves can make their way deep into muscle tissue to enhance blood flow and even reduce scar tissue.

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Corrective Care After Chiropractic Adjustments

If you receive a chiropractic adjustment, you may feel some discomfort until your muscles adjust to the new alignment. Corrective care allows us to treat the symptoms and discomfort associated with this transition. Using a combination of massage, exercises, and stretches, we help your body adjust to its alignment so you can fully enjoy the benefits of your adjustment.

Chiropractic Services in Davie, FL

In addition to our physiotherapy treatments, we offer a variety of chiropractic adjustments to our patients. While not all treatments are ideal for everyone, we aim to use our knowledge and skills for chiropractic treatments and physiotherapy to create a treatment plan that best fits your needs.

Our Clients Appreciate Our Davie Physiotherapy Services

When we meet with a new patient, the first thing we do is conduct a physical examination with diagnostic X-rays. With this information, we map out a physiotherapy treatment plan designed to address their specific health concerns. Regardless of the complexity of your condition, you can rest assured that you will receive kind, personalized attention from our physicians and staff.

Testimonials from our clients show just how much they appreciate our patient-first approach.

  • I went here after my first car accident. They were so nice and kind. I loved going there. Would recommend for anyone. – Emma Fields
  • The Doctors the staff everyone is so nice and awesome and they really do care of your feeling better! Recommend 1,000 this place is great! – Mike Noland

Now we’re ready to aid you on your road to recovery.

Conditions Our Physiotherapists Can Treat in Davie, FL

Our physiotherapists can treat a broad range of conditions, including:

This is only a small list of the conditions we can treat. If you suffered an injury or illness that may require physiotherapy, we can conduct a physical examination and decide on a treatment plan that meets your needs.

We Work With Your Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Our team has handled many cases involving personal injury and workers’ compensation injuries. If your attorney needs medical records to support your insurance claim or injury lawsuit, we are happy to provide this information with your permission.

Once you sign a release form, we may give them the following documentation:

  • Diagnostic imaging and testing information
  • Medical records and details about your condition
  • Expert opinions detailing the extent and seriousness of your condition
  • A clear treatment plan and timeline
  • Detailed invoices for your medical treatments

We understand how difficult it can be to pursue financial compensation while you are in the midst of a lawsuit. Our team can gather and organize the appropriate medical documents for you, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

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