Vestibular/Balance Therapy in Bonita Springs

Our practitioners offer vestibular/balance therapy and rehabilitation therapy in Bonita Springs. Vestibular and balance rehabilitation therapy uses special exercises and techniques to address dizziness, poor balance, vertigo, and other related issues. This can be especially helpful for patients recovering from brain injuries.

If you have balance or coordination concerns, connect with our team from Specific Care Chiropractic. We assess, diagnose, and treat many causes of imbalance, including severe cases affecting mobility and independence. Contact us today at (239) 369-9109 to schedule your initial intake examination and learn more about how our physiotherapy techniques could benefit you.

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Common Causes of Dizziness and Balance Concerns

Balance and coordination happen naturally when your body is operating properly. When an injury or illness disrupts the relationship between your body systems, imbalance and loss of mobility can occur.

To operate properly, your body relies on:

  • Your vestibular system, which is similar to a gyroscope in your inner ear
  • Your vision, including several muscles that work together to control your eyes while tracking objects as you move
  • Your body, which sends signals to your brain about where you are and how you are moving through space

Your brain takes all this sensory input to determine your position, the pull of gravity on your body, and other information necessary to help you maintain your balance. If there is a problem with any of these inputs, your central nervous system will not be able to process where you are and what you need to do to stay upright. This creates balance issues.

Understanding How Bonita Springs Vestibular/Balance Rehabilitation Therapy Can Help You

Living with balance issues and dizziness can affect your everyday life in many ways. Our doctors prescribe Bonita Springs vestibular/balance rehabilitation therapy to help our patients overcome these concerns and return to their previous activities, whether that is mobility without assistance, participating in sports and an active lifestyle, or being able to move around without worrying about falling.

For those with serious balance and vestibular dysfunction, the imbalance can be particularly limiting. We will assess your condition, diagnose the cause, and prescribe therapies to help you recover. This could include:

  • Vestibular therapies
  • Eye movement (oculomotor) control exercises
  • Balance retraining
  • Strength and flexibility exercises

Our practitioner will introduce you to certain exercises, movements, and techniques in our Bonita Springs office and practice them with you. Then, you will repeat the exercises at home. During your next appointment, your doctor will check your progress. Depending on your needs, they could tell you to keep practicing the same exercises, add repetitions, alter the plan, or move you onto new techniques.

Using physiotherapy techniques, we aim to help every patient make a recovery. We understand that your balance, coordination, and mobility affect many aspects of your life. We believe we can help you live a full life and return you to good health.

Vestibular/Balance Rehabilitation Therapy

Get Help With Balance Concerns From the Specific Care Chiropractic Team

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our Bonita Springs team treats every new patient based on their unique needs. We begin with an initial intake assessment, where we get to know our new patient and discuss their goals. We also take a comprehensive health history, run tests, conduct medical imaging and scans, and take any other steps necessary to get an accurate diagnosis of their condition.

This allows us to develop a comprehensive plan to treat the underlying issue, reduce their symptoms, and rebuild their strength and confidence. These plans generally include several treatments, techniques, and therapies, although the ones prescribed depend entirely on their specific condition and needs.

We may begin treatment on the same day. At each appointment after the initial exam, we reassess your condition and look at your progress. This allows us to further tailor the plan to address your changing needs.

We approach every case this way, regardless of the underlying cause of your vestibular dysfunction or balance concerns. This allows us to treat these concerns for patients with a history of:

  • Vertigo
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Car accident
  • Fall injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • Other health conditions

Prescribed Treatments for Balance Therapy in Bonita Springs

Our physical therapists provide Bonita Springs vestibular/balance therapy for patients who report concerns about balance, dizziness, or related issues. We may also recommend this therapy to patients who show signs of vestibular dysfunction or eye movement disorders.

When you trust our team for your balance therapy, your physiotherapy plan will focus on teaching you specific exercises during office visits. These are generally repetitive motion exercises. Once you master the movements, your therapist will direct you to do them at home, giving you a goal of doing a certain number each time.

At your next appointment, they will reassess your balance and determine whether you need to do the same exercises, increase the repetitions, or learn new techniques.

In addition to balance therapy, we provide a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that provides holistic care for every patient, such as stretching and strength exercises. We believe the best way to live a happier, healthier life is to build a strong and healthy body to prevent future injuries. This can be particularly helpful to those who are at an increased risk of falls because of a stroke, brain injury, altered gait, or advanced age.

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Specific Care Chiropractic provides balance therapy for patients who struggle with dizziness, imbalance, lack of coordination, frequent falls, and other symptoms. At our Bonita Springs location, we understand how limiting this can be. With treatment, you could regain mobility and independence. Let our doctors evaluate your condition and prescribe rehabilitation therapy to address your condition.

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