Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy in Bonita Springs

Our doctors assess the need for and prescribe concussion rehabilitation therapy in Bonita Springs. Rehabilitation from a concussion could include working to regain abilities, retraining lost balance and coordination, and promoting neuroplasticity and complete healing through exercise. Our team uses many techniques and provides a wide range of treatments based on each patient’s unique needs.

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How Bonita Springs Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy Works

Concussion therapy is unique to each patient we serve in Bonita Springs. During the initial intake appointment, our doctors assess the patient’s needs and get a baseline of their abilities. This allows us to continue to assess them and track their progress throughout their treatment and rehabilitation.

We run tests, conduct medical imaging, and take a comprehensive health history from each patient. This allows us to develop an effective plan for rehabilitation therapy specific to their needs. For example, if they struggle with balance and coordination, we might discover they have an oculomotor dysfunction. To address this, we prescribe exercises that help their eye muscles relearn coordination, reducing their dizziness and imbalance.

No matter what your symptoms are, we can prescribe a plan that includes physical therapy techniques.

How Specific Care Chiropractic Helps Concussion Victims Recover

At Specific Care Chiropractic, our team prescribes a full range of rehabilitative therapies for patients, including both physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques, as needed. Most concussion rehabilitation therapy in Bonita Springs focuses on physical therapy exercises.

We get to know each new patient beginning with their initial examination. Our team works to help them achieve their goals.

When we treat a patient for concussion rehabilitation, our doctors aim to:

  • Help patients recover as fully as possible
  • Rebuild strength and regain abilities
  • Prevent further injuries

Our patients come from many backgrounds and suffer brain injuries in many ways. They all live with different symptoms and lasting effects. It is our goal to improve their quality of life and help them recover more fully. We have worked with seniors who suffered a closed-head injury in a fall, teens hurt playing sports, young adults with work-related injuries, car accident victims, and more.

Prescribed Treatments in Bonita Springs Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for Bonita Springs concussion rehabilitation therapy. Instead, we assess the individual’s needs—including their deficits, damage to their nervous system, and current challenges—and design a plan to address them. Some of the prescribed methods could include:


We may recommend that you use weight-assigned treadmills and other tools to learn physical therapy exercises. We assess each patient’s progress and help them regain lost abilities. This could include speech, coordination, movement, and even daily life activities.

Oculomotor/Vestibular Therapy

Oculomotor and/or vestibular therapy helps to address dizziness, imbalance, and other coordination and mobility concerns. It is not unusual to be unsteady on your feet after a concussion, and this is one of the most debilitating lingering effects for many people.

Stretching and Strength Training

Key components of brain injury recovery include building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving wellness. Following rehabilitation, our team creates a plan for stretching and strength training that allows our patients to leave our care in better health than they were before their brain injury occurred.

Other Techniques

We also employ other techniques to encourage healing, reduce inflammation, and stop pain. This could include massage therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-STIM), and/or ultrasound therapy. Each of these techniques has its own benefits, and our team will assess the need for them on a case-by-case basis.

Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy in Bonita Springs

What Is a Concussion?

Concussions occur because of a closed-head injury or skull fracture. They can be so minor they are never diagnosed, or severe enough to have lasting damage. Between 70 and 90 percent of all diagnosed head injuries are concussions, according to Translational Research in Traumatic Brain Injury. This number could be much higher since many minor injuries are likely never reported to a doctor.

Concussions might not cause the person to fall into a coma or suffer severe, lasting deficits, but they do cause many symptoms. Some of them can be difficult to cure and could last for weeks or even months following an injury. The brain has an incredible ability to heal and rewire following an injury, but it takes time and effort.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), those who suffer a concussion might:

  • Struggle with memory deficits
  • Seem confused, dazed, or stunned
  • Have difficulty concentrating or following directions
  • Appear clumsy and uncoordinated
  • Have difficulty with balance or report dizziness
  • Have double-vision or struggle with focusing the eyes
  • Respond slowly to questions or instructions
  • Have a headache
  • Act sleepy or exceedingly drowsy
  • Report nausea or vomiting
  • Be sensitive to light and noise
  • Demonstrate emotional, mood, or behavioral changes
  • Lose consciousness, although often only briefly

Physical therapy is often one of the treatments prescribed to those who suffered serious concussions. Exercises to address the patient’s specific needs can help them relearn abilities, regain strength, and deal with lingering symptoms.

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