North Lauderdale Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash is an injury to the neck that occurs when your neck snaps forward and then backward quickly. Because of the location of the injury, whiplash can affect muscles, nerves, tendons, and discs.

If you or a loved one suffered whiplash due to a recent incident, our chiropractors at Specific Care Chiropractic will work with you to help you recover from your injuries and get back to a healthy life. We use chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy to provide drug-free, effective pain relief.

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Understanding Your Symptoms

A variety of symptoms are associated with whiplash. As with any injury, symptoms can range from common to rare as well as from mild to severe. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty moving your neck
  • Pain and/or numbness in your arm or hand
  • Pain in other areas such as the shoulder or lower back

While these are the most common symptoms, there are also rarer complications to be aware of after an accident. They include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Memory problems
  • Depression

When to See a Doctor

If you have neck pain that occurs following a sports injury, car accident, or another event, then you should seek the medical expertise of Specific Care Chiropractic right away. This will allow us to rule out any other potential issues, such as broken bones or damage to other muscles. The sooner that we’re able to meet with you, the sooner that we can give you an accurate diagnosis and avoid any future complications.

Complications and Recovery

For most patients, whiplash tends to subside after a few weeks, but some could have pain that lasts for months or even longer.

The factors that could lead to a slower recovery include:

  • A previous whiplash injury
  • Age
  • Pre-existing back or neck conditions
  • A severe collision that led to the injury

These factors could lead to complications such as:

  • More severe neck pain that doesn’t go away over time
  • Limited range of motion that isn’t improving
  • Pain that spreads from the neck to the arms

Findings from BMC Public Health in 2016 showed that people who suffered whiplash have a poorer quality of life for up to five years when compared to those who suffered minor injuries in similar accidents. The sooner we can begin chiropractic care, the less likely it is that you will suffer from these long-term complications.

North Lauderdale whiplash treatment

Why Choose Specific Care Chiropractic?

Our North Lauderdale whiplash treatment team is committed to seeing you recover from your injury as quickly as possible. We offer a variety of treatments depending on your needs, and we take the time to work with each of our patients individually.

We understand that not everyone who suffers from whiplash will have used a chiropractor before. Our goal is to make your experience a comfortable one.

On your first visit to our office, we will give you a thorough exam and take X-rays if needed. On your next visit, we will review the findings of your first visit, then provide treatment options.

When we have come to an agreement on a treatment plan, we will begin care. This normally begins on the second visit. We will then work through the treatment plan on subsequent visits, and tailor care to your specific needs.

Which Treatment Is Best For You?

Every patient is different and so is every injury. We will make sure that you are receiving the proper treatment for your whiplash injury.

Our patients will undergo physiotherapy, which is a rehabilitative treatment used for musculoskeletal pain. Our office uses four different types of physiotherapy to treat whiplash, and we are committed to finding the best option for you.

Corrective Care

Corrective care is a process that is used alongside spinal adjustments. Adjustments will realign your spine if it is misaligned after an accident, and corrective care exercises will help keep these adjustments in place.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is used to create more mobility in the affected region. While you have whiplash, it is likely that the mobility of your neck will be limited. Our licensed massage therapists will use massage therapy to relax your affected muscles and relieve pain.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy can help with healing and regenerating damaged muscle tissue. Sound waves penetrate muscle tissue which alleviates pain and helps with blood flow. This type of therapy can work well when dealing with severe injuries because it breaks down scar tissue.

Rehabilitative Therapy

Through rehabilitative therapy, we will help you strengthen the muscles in your neck and gain mobility through a series of exercises. These activities will be designed specifically to help you overcome your injury. This process will allow your body to recover at its own pace in a safe and healthy way.

The Cost of North Lauderdale Whiplash Treatment

The cost of treatment will depend on the nature of the accident and your insurance policy. If you are in an auto accident, it is important to know that Florida is a no-fault state. This means your insurance will cover up to $10,000 in medical bills and lost wages following an accident. You could recover more if the at-fault party has insurance.

If you need an attorney, we can recommend some that have worked with our patients in the past. This attorney will be of no upfront cost to you, and they will not get paid unless they win your case. If any other issues arise, our doctors will be there to help every step of the way.

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