North Lauderdale Spine Injury Treatment

Do you suffer from back pain after a whiplash or other accident? If you have recently suffered a spine injury, the Specific Care Chiropractic team can help you recover. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists serving North Lauderdale have years of experience treating injuries from car accidents, sports accidents, back pain, neck pain, and more.

Our compassionate North Lauderdale spine injury treatment specialists can help patients of any age, even children. We will assess your spine injury and craft a customized treatment program to help you regain comfort and mobility. You can call to schedule your first appointment with us today.

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Kinds of Spinal Injuries

The kind of spine injury you have can affect you partially or completely. There are two basic categories of spinal cord injuries.

Complete Spinal Injuries

Patients with complete spinal cord injuries suffer total paralysis below the injury. Total spinal injuries can result in quadriplegia, meaning the arms and legs both no longer move. Spinal injuries further down the spine sometimes result in paraplegia, paralysis affecting your body’s lower half.

Incomplete Spinal Injuries

Incomplete spinal cord injuries can affect all or part of your body but still allow some mobility. With these injuries, your brain can still send and receive signals in some parts of your body.

Your spinal injury will dictate how much treatment you need and for how long. Our North Lauderdale spine specialists will assess your spine’s condition using diagnostic tests and recommend a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Spinal Injuries

Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and require no medication. In these adjustments, your doctor will use specific, targeted thrusts to shift your back’s vertebrae. These shifts help realign your spine, improve blood flow, reduce pinched nerves, and other benefits.

The kind of adjustments you receive will be based on your specific levels of pain and what parts of your spine need realignment.

Physiotherapy for Spinal Injuries

Physiotherapy services are several natural healing techniques. Some of these techniques include massage, stretching, and chiropractic. All use no medications or potentially dangerous surgical procedures.

If you participate in a physiotherapy program for your spine injury, you could reduce joint contractions and reduce stiffness.

Four Stages of Spinal Injury Recovery

Your spine injury has likely frustrated you. You want to get back to your pre-injury life and start doing the things you used to do. It is important to understand that spine injury recovery can be a long process. The most important part of the process is patience. Even when you feel you’re not making progress, you are. Your body needs time to heal from such a traumatic event.

When you start spine injury treatment in our office in the North Lauderdale area, you will find that we divide recovery plans into four phases.

Acute: Recovery Phase 1

Once our back injury specialists complete your evaluation, they will set up your custom treatment plan. The first phase works to help you ease some of the pain you are feeling. The entire goal is to get you started and help you begin to feel better.

Using massage, chiropractic, and physical exercises, we will help you regain some of your spine’s mobility and reduce nerve irritation.

North Lauderdale spine injury treatment

Rehab: Recovery Phase 2

The rehab phase is often the longest in your recovery. This phase focuses on continuous improvement in your mobility and pain reduction. During this phase, your spine injury treatment team will monitor your progress. Your treatment plan may be adjusted as needed, depending on your progress.

During this phase, you may have periods when your pain increases, or you may experience increased inflammation. Remember, this is all part of your body’s recovery.

As we go deeper into your rehab phase, we will learn more about your body. We will help your recovery with corrective care, additional massage techniques, and different physical exercises. It’s important not to overdo your physical activity in this phase. While you may want to recover faster, our experts will monitor your progress to make sure you don’t overexert your body.

Strengthening: Phase 3

When your North Lauderdale spine injury treatment team determines you are strong enough, you’ll enter the strengthening phase. During this phase, your goal is to strengthen your muscles, building them up so that you regain the strength and mobility you had before your injury.

Your treatment plan may incorporate weightlifting or deep tissue massage to help your muscle grow. As with previous phases, your team will closely monitor your progress. Your specific plan may be changed to accommodate improved progress or additional flare-ups of pain or inflammation.

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI): Phase 4

Reaching this phase means you have progressed to the point where you can resume your normal daily activities, including your duties at work. For every patient, this goal will be different, depending on your pre-injury lifestyle, age, and recovery.

Our North Lauderdale Chiropractors Can Help Your Lawyer Build a Personal Injury Case

Was your spine injury caused by another party? If a negligent third party was responsible for your injury, you may be able to seek financial compensation for your injury. A settlement may cover your medical bills, loss of income, and other expenses.

If you do not currently have an attorney, we can help you. We have a network of skilled personal injury attorneys we can recommend. We can help you find lawyers who can manage your case and provide them with the medical records and proof of treatment they will need to properly file a claim.

Release for Medical Information

To legally release your medical records to an attorney, we will need you to sign a medical release form. This gives your lawyer permission to access your files.

From that point, we can provide your attorney with records of your medical bills, X-rays, expenses, and injury assessment to prove your case in court.

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