Chiropractic Adjustments in Coconut Creek

Specific Care Chiropractic opened with one goal in 1994: to help injured people get back on their feet. We offer an array of services designed to alleviate your pain and improve your range of motion.

When you seek chiropractic adjustments in Coconut Creek from our team, you can expect compassionate service from our trained healthcare providers. We’re ready to start bettering your condition today.

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Why Seek a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustment isn’t always accurately portrayed in the media. It’s more than just lying on your stomach while a doctor cracks your back. A chiropractic adjustment refers to many different treatments—from manual adjustments to specialized techniques.

Chiropractic adjustment seeks to remedy these conditions:

You may consider chiropractic adjustment if:

  • You experience chronic fatigue, weakness, or pain.
  • You can’t move the way you previously did.
  • You don’t want to undergo invasive surgery.
  • You want to avoid taking painkillers or other pharmaceuticals.
  • You suffered injuries in a collision, fall, or another incident.

Chiropractic Adjustment is Comprised of These Treatments

As noted, a chiropractic adjustment isn’t just cracking your back. One of our chiropractic doctors might use some of these treatments for your injury:

Diversified Adjustments

This treatment is one that many people recognize. Here, your chiropractic doctor locates your problem area and thrusts your spine into place. You might hear a “popping” sound, usually followed by immediate relief.

Seated Diversified

This treatment requires you to sit in a chair. Then, your chiropractic doctor will gently adjust your shoulders, neck, and spine. This treatment helps if you sit for extended periods or have poor posture.

The Side Posture

First, on a padded table, you’ll lie on your side with one knee bent forward. Then, your chiropractic doctor will adjust your lower back and spine into place.

Toggle Recoil

Your chiropractic doctor will apply fast, gentle thrusts to the affected area. We recommend this treatment for people suffering from mild conditions.

Knee Chest Adjustments

This treatment requires using a specialized table. You kneel and place your head on a padded cushion, allowing your chiropractic doctor to focus on your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

These are just some of the treatments we render for injured patients. We will craft an appropriate treatment plan based on your pre-existing health conditions, age, and injuries. We want you to make a full recovery.

We Provide More Than Chiropractic Care in Coconut Creek

Specific Care Chiropractic provides more than standard chiropractic services. You may also benefit from these physiotherapy treatments:

  • Electrical Stimulation Therapy: We attach tiny electrodes to your problem area and send painless electrical signals into the tissue.
  • Ultrasonic Therapy: Similar to electrical stimulation therapy, this treatment sends sound waves into your tissue to promote healing.
  • Massage Therapy: Massages increase blood flow, which accelerates the healing process.
  • Stretching Exercises: We have an onsite rehabilitation room outfitted with weights, vibration plates, and medicine balls. Here, we can show you some exercises to strengthen your muscles and repair damaged tissue.

What You Can Expect When You Seek Chiropractic Adjustments in Coconut Creek from Our Team

When you visit our team serving Coconut Creek, you can expect the following to happen:

We Will Diagnose Your Condition

During your first visit, we’ll ask for some basic information about your health, including other treatments you’ve sought. We offer intake forms in both English and Spanish. From here, we’ll conduct x-rays and other imaging scans to learn more.

We Will Explain Your Options

After diagnosing your condition, we’ll explain what treatment options could benefit you. In addition to recommending chiropractic adjustment, we may also suggest lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.

We Will Start Your Treatment Plan

You will understand everything about your treatment plan moving forward, including:

  • How many sessions you’ll likely need
  • What your treatment comprises
  • What reaching maximum medical improvement (MMI) looks like
  • Who your healthcare team will be
  • How often you will need to attend therapy

If you ever have any questions about your treatment plan, we’re available to take your calls any time.

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We Don’t Just See You as an Injured Person; We View Your Situation as a Whole

If you suffered harm in a collision, fall, or another situation, you could file an injury claim or lawsuit to recover compensation. Not only can we refer you to a personal injury lawyer, but we can also do the following for you.

Give Your Attorney the Information They Need

Each injury case needs evidence to succeed. With your permission, we can supply your attorney with your treatment plan, lab test results, and x-rays. All this information can support your side of the story and help you recover compensation.

Recommend Lifestyle Changes

Maintaining your health is a lifelong commitment. It doesn’t stop when you seek chiropractic care. As such, we may recommend:

  • Weekly exercises: Even going for a brisk walk every couple of days can build muscle and prevent your injury from recurring.
  • Dietary changes: We may recommend a high-protein, low-fat diet to better your condition. The less weight you have on your bones and tissue, the fewer injuries you’ll suffer in the future.
  • A new job: You might benefit from switching careers if you’re in chronic pain. While no one wants to change jobs, doing so could improve your health and prevent long-term impairments.

Why Partner with Our Chiropractic Team in Coconut Creek?

Our chiropractic doctors have many years of experience helping patients regain their quality of life. In addition, we have practitioners on staff who specialize in certain areas. For instance, Dr. Jeffrey Peck is certified by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and other organizations.

Other things to consider include:

  • We work with most major insurance providers.
  • We have four offices for your convenience in Cape Coral, Coral Gables, Lehigh Acres, and Fort Myers.
  • We have a five-star rating from over 200 Google Reviews.

We also have pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more about partnering with our team.

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