What To Expect

First Visit

When you come into our office, you will immediately feel like family. Our offices take pride in making sure you feel welcome. On this visit, you will need to bring your identification card, insurance information, and any information on your accident. You will fill out paperwork and our doctors and team will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms, and you will have a thorough examination. If the doctor finds it necessary for x-rays, he will discuss that with you on this appointment. You make all the decisions for care every step of the way.

Second Visit

On this appointment, the doctor will take time to discuss with you what their findings were in the examination. They will answer all your questions and make sure you completely understand your injuries and what they prescribe to get you back to health. On this appointment, you will receive your first treatment and be on your way to recovery.

Our offices have been extremely successful in eliminating the symptoms our patients come in with, and the exciting part about it is that we have seen the overall health and well-being improve with adding chiropractic in their lives!