Phases of Rehabilitation

During your recovery from injury, you will go through four phases of rehabilitation. These Phases are:

  • Acute Phase
  • Rehabilitation Phase
  • Strengthening Phase
  • Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) Phase
Acute pain is pain that comes on quickly, and can be severe. This pain occurs after an injury resulting from an accident. It is generally present for a relatively shorter period of time. Our goal is to remove the pain and stiffness with chiropractic care, and to address the core root of the problem as soon as possible.


Adjustments are by far the most important treatment you will receive. The doctor will analyze your spine and gently make adjustments to the areas needed to improve joint function and decrease nerve irritation.


After the doctor analyzes your spine, he will prescribe different stretches to help alleviate the initial tightness and pain you are experiencing following your crash.

Trigger Point

Trigger point therapy takes on many different forms and our highly experienced licensed massage therapists will determine,depending on your individual case, what kind of therapy will help too.

After you have improved past the Acute Phase you will advance to the Rehab Phase. The goal of the Rehabilitation or Rehab phase is to improve the range of motion and function of your joints. Your treatment may consist of:


Just like in the Acute Phase, adjustments are the most important part of your recovery to health. Continuing to get adjusted will improve your joint function and decrease the irritation to your nerves.

Light Exercises

Your doctor will prescribe and teach you the specific strengthening regimen to stabilize your spine and decrease the pain and symptoms.

Once you have progressed through your treatment, many patients will start to feel the same or even better than before their crash or injury. You are now in the Strengthening Phase of your recovery. During the Strengthening Phase, your Doctor will prescribe exercises that target the area or areas that you have injured. During the Strengthening Phases your treatment may include:

Final Corrective Adjustments

As in the Rehab and Acute Phases, adjustments are the most important part of your recovery to health. Continuing to get adjusted will improve your joint function and decrease the irritation in your nerves.

A More Aggressive Strengthening Regimen

Using the same targeted exercises in the Rehab Phase, you workout will now include more or heavier weights or longer times on the exercise devices that are available at the Specific Care Chiropractic Office.

MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement) is an important aspect to every personal injury case. It is how the doctor can document when you have fully improved from your injuries sustained in your accident. Your improvement has to be documented every step of the way. Once the doctors have treated you for your injuries over a period of time, they will decide when you have reached the maximum level of improvement based on thorough examination analysis. This does not always mean that you are finished with treatment. Every person heals and recovers differently and is encouraged to continue treatment to maintain the improvement you worked hard to achieve.