Weston Spine Injury Treatment

Injuries to the spinal column can cause severe pain, numbness in the extremities, and loss of mobility. You can sustain a spinal injury in an accident, such as a fall from a height, or it could develop over time due to a chronic disease or condition. 

If you experienced a spinal injury in Weston, FL, we can create a personalized treatment plan to improve your quality of life. The doctors at Specific Care Chiropractic are licensed and trained in a variety of evidence-based chiropractic and physical therapy techniques to treat pain and enhance mobility.

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Weston Spinal Cord Injuries Can Vary in Severity

According to Mayo Clinic, an injury to the spinal cord can cause a complete spinal injury in which the patient loses all movement and sensation below the injury. Other spinal injuries may be incomplete, causing partial paralysis, numbness, pain, and other mobility issues. 

The extent of your injuries and affected areas will determine the details of your treatment plan. Our licensed professional physicians provide a full consultation during your first visit to help us establish a treatment plan. Then, we can conduct thorough diagnostics and imaging to determine the extent of your injury.

Causes of Spinal Cord Damage in Weston, FL

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), spinal cord injuries occur when the cells and nerves in the spinal cord are damaged. They may transpire after a traumatic impact or may develop over time as a result of chronic conditions. 

Common causes of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Falls from a height
  • Caught in, under, or between heavy equipment
  • Impact from falling objects
  • Injuries from sharp or projectile weapons
  • Sports injuries
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Chronic disease
  • Cancer

We understand that everyone’s body experience is unique, so we focus on establishing a treatment plan designed to suit your specific needs. 


Our Licensed Practitioners Can Treat Your Spine Injury

Our team uses a wide range of evidence-based treatments to relieve your pain, reduce tension, and enhance mobility after a spinal injury. We offer both chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

Our chiropractic treatments differ based on the location and severity of your spinal cord damage. We can use chiropractic adjustments to realign your vertebrae and reduce pressure on your spinal cord. By correcting your spinal alignment, we can alleviate the stress on certain areas of your spinal cord, vertebrae, back muscles, and tissues. 

The licensed chiropractors at Specific Care Chiropractic are trained in the following methods:

  • Extremity manipulation
  • Toggle recoil
  • Knee-chest adjustments
  • Diversified and seated diversified
  • Thompson Drop-Table Technique
  • Sacral-occipital technique (SOT)
  • Side posture adjustments

We also offer a selection of physiotherapy services to enhance your spinal cord injury treatments.


Physiotherapy Services

Our physiotherapy treatments, also known as physical therapy, are specifically designed to improve your strength, flexibility, and mobility. Our physiotherapy treatments include:

  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Corrective care after chiropractic adjustments
  • Strength and stretching exercises
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (E-STIM) therapy
  • Ultrasound (US) therapy

Our physicians are well-versed in a wide variety of treatment options, which allows us to select the ideal treatment combination from your recovery process. 


Specific Care Chiropractic’s Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Process

To help ensure you receive the full scope of care for your spinal injury, we can create a personalized four-phase treatment plan:

Acute Phase

This initial treatment phase addresses the pain and stiffness stemming from your spinal injury. It may involve both chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy treatments, including massage therapy, stretches, and exercises.  

Rehab Phase

The goal of the rehab phase is to help you regain strength and mobility as much as possible. 

As your body begins to recover from your spinal cord injury, we may incorporate additional treatment methods into your plan. This phase is the most intensive and can take the longest.

Remember that recovery from a severe injury is rarely linear, and you can expect small setbacks and flare-ups, especially during the rehab phase.

Strengthening Phase 

During the strengthening phase, your injuries may begin to heal. Curated stretching and strengthening exercises with added weight and pressure can help you regain flexibility and strength. We may incorporate deep tissue massage during this phase to encourage muscle healing. 

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) Phase

At the maximum medical improvement (MMI) stage, you have reached the greatest possible recovery for your injury. This looks different for every patient, depending on the extent of the spinal injury.

You can rest assured that our team will be there to help throughout each step of your rehabilitation process. We will constantly monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan to address all the issues associated with your spinal injury. 

Personal Injury Claims for Spinal Damage in Weston, FL

If you or a loved one suffers spinal cord damage because of someone else’s negligent or wrongful actions, Specific Care Chiropractic can provide documentation to your attorney for a personal injury claim. We have 20 years of experience helping injury clients obtain the medical information they need to support a compensation claim. 

With your written permission, our team can gather diagnostic and imaging records, medical analysis, and treatment plan information to establish your injury’s severity. In addition, we may provide your attorney with detailed invoices to help substantiate your claim value. 


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Spinal injuries can be debilitating, and the challenges associated with your injuries may seem insurmountable. Our doctors are here to help you surmount the difficulties associated with your spinal cord injury, so you can move forward with your life. 

Call Specific Care Chiropractic today at (239) 369-9109 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. We can conduct a physical examination and X-ray imaging to determine the extent of your injuries. With this information, we can build a personalized Weston spine injury treatment plan that aims to reduce your pain and enhance mobility.