Hollywood Back Injury Treatment

You rely on having a healthy back to accomplish just about everything. An injury, even if it seems mild at first, can prevent you from going to work, performing household chores, taking care of yourself, or doing things you love.

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Diagnosing and Treating a Back Injury

Your back consists of many different yet interconnected parts, including the backbones, muscles, nerves, discs, and tendons. In addition, your back covers a large portion of your body, from your neck down to your hips.

What does all of this mean for you? It means you can injure your back in many ways and places. For example, you could:

  • Suffer a herniated disc in your lower back after trying to lift a heavy object
  • Strain a muscle in your middle back while playing your favorite sport
  • Sustain whiplash from a car accident
  • Develop sciatica as the result of a herniated disc injury (herniated discs are a common cause of sciatica, per Mayo Clinic)

Each of these injuries affects different parts of and places within your back. Before we can start thinking about treatment, therefore, we need to know how, where, and why your injury occurred.


How We Diagnose Back Injuries

We turn to various sources to provide clients with the most accurate possible diagnosis, including:

  • The patient: We give you our full attention as we listen to your account of the onset of your back pain, injury symptoms, and more. We may ask you any number of questions to gain even more information.
  • Medical records: Your overall health and the presence of other health conditions may influence which treatments we can recommend.
  • Tests: If we think it would help, we will order MRIs, x-rays, and other such tests that can give us a clearer picture of what happened to your back.

The information from all of these sources will inform our next steps.

How We Treat Back Injuries

Depending on the nature of your injury, among other factors, we may recommend one or several of the following treatment options:

  • Chiropractic adjustments, where we realign the bones in your spine so they do not put pressure on nerves or other parts
  • Massage therapy, where our massage therapist helps relieve tension, ease pain, promote healing, and increase flexibility in the injured area
  • Stretches and exercises, where we teach you how to move your body in ways that will strengthen it and keep it strong

These treatments and others can help you recover faster from an injury while experiencing less pain during the recovery process.

This is true of both one-off injuries and chronic pain. Even if you suffer from chronic back pain, there are treatment options available for you. We urge patients to be honest with us about their pain so we can develop the most effective possible treatment regimen.

We Guide Patients Through Back Injury Treatment

Suffering a back injury can be scary and frustrating. It is normal to wonder which treatment options are safe or if you will ever be able to return to your old life. Just remember that the team at Specific Care Chiropractic is here to support you throughout treatment and send you back to Hollywood feeling better and calmer.

Our team can work closely with you by:

  • Explaining your condition and treatment options in terms you can understand
  • Taking the time to answer any questions or address any changes in your condition
  • Monitoring you closely during treatment by asking how you feel and tracking your progress
  • Updating you on your progress and condition, as well as any causes for concern
  • Adjusting a treatment if there are bothersome side effects or if we feel an adjustment could enhance your results
  • Stopping a treatment if the side effects cannot be mitigated or if it is not providing the results we wanted or expected

We understand how overwhelming it can be to suffer an injury and undergo medical treatment. This is why we strive to be open and transparent throughout the treatment process so that everything is as easy and stress-free for you as possible.


Can You Afford Back Injury Treatment?

There are two parts to this question. The first involves monetary cost. Your treatment plan may be more or less expensive based on these factors:

  • What type of treatment you have chosen
  • How many different types of treatment you undergo
  • If your condition is chronic, requiring long-term care, or if we can resolve the issue within a visit or two

You may be able to pay for your treatment in several ways, including:

  • Through your insurance company, if you have a policy that covers chiropractic care
  • Out of your own pocket, if you do not have such a policy
  • Through another person’s insurance company, if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness and you get a settlement from them

We also offer payment programs for those paying out of pocket, which may make it easier for you to afford the care you need.

The second part of this question addresses the physical cost of not receiving treatment. Can you afford to let your back injury go untreated and potentially get worse as time goes on? Not seeking timely treatment could result in:

  • Increased pain
  • Decreased mobility
  • Other health issues

Please do not let monetary concerns prevent you from seeking information about back injury treatment. Our team would be happy to work with you to come up with an affordable and effective course of treatment.

Call Us for a Back Injury Treatment Plan

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